Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Acting is Gay

Just yesterday we filmed our last triumphant scene for MC2. (Hoorah? No i got to pick up some other shots so it ain't done yet).

And for a Martial Art film I decided to try and end off the film with a little touching moment.
So it has me and Roxie walking along a sunset street, in which we eventually hold hands with each other to acknowledge our friendship. Yes how sweet! Hell it don't feel like it at the time!
Now if this 4 year long experience of starring in my own film has taught me something, it's this --- acting is very, VERY, GAY! But you know, funny thing is that not everyone has this same opinion. Surprised? Yes i sure am!

Roxie our leading lady in the film, has a theater background herself and she handles her scenes with great ease and poise. Damn lioness she is i tell you that. However my amateur, nervous, line forgetful butt has no experience in acting at all, none whatsoever, nada!! Well if you consider that time in High school Drama class, where i got up in front of everybody and cackled out something that was reminiscent to words as "experience". But no; I don't think so homeboy.

So what is it that makes it so gay? I think it's because, it's such an awkward art. You don't say or do the very things that you would usually do. For the first time in your life, you have to be completely aware of how you say and how you grimace.

Eg, picture this, when you have a line of dialogue you speak it. Easy? wait! You go up and say what you got to say. Though then you have to consider this. Where you looking? Sun? Argh no squinting! Everyone is staring at ya right now? Pressure! What are ya lines again? Hey what are you feeling? Funny? sick? What are you bloody hands doing? Crossed? No too grumpy! In da pockets! Waay too casual! IT- JUST-DOES-NOT- STOP * Breathing*

Ok, so if anything I hope that I've changed your mind about being an actor/actress. Though it's funny behind everyone lies a secret dream of being one. I'm guilty. Though despite all that embarrassment, I strangely do find fufillment in the challenge of it all. Contradictorily, to get into someone shoes and be someone your not and be convincing, or close to convincing, yes there is a sweetness. You feel one line closer than any other mediocre person to an Oscar :)

I heard Spielberg sum up what acting is ---- Courage. hmmm.....Maybe it is?


Jei said...

Live your character!

May be easier said than done, but I've observed that some of the best actors out there live their roles. Like an elite artists, the more "truer" actors that see their craft as an art are always full of angst and self loathing - always trying to craft their skill.

A good tip I read sometime ago for acting is to just get into the zone, and block out everyone that's not in the scene - a black curtain if you will.

The Weasel said...

So which is it? Do you want to be an actor, or an actress? There was that funny line you gave the other day about who you would be if you were a woman ...

As for acting, it is not about being your self, but the character. try to think the and feel the way the character is. Don't try to be the character being sad, try to be sad. Don't try to hold Roxie's hand, be the Champ, and hold the hand of the Girl. It might occur to you to try something playful, like tripping her ... into a cuddle.

Timothy Ly said...

Good points boss. Well i see it sort of this way. To me it's about understanding the human condition. The major question is how we work it from the head, to the body and then to your audience.

I see it similar to a singer. Its you and the song. But if you don't have that skill, to bust out that note, all your "inhabiting" mindset will be to nothing.