Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
The long awaited launch of Maximum Choppage 2 is only a couple of days away now and everyone is getting excited. Both Yenii and myself will be flying down there to be a part of it. Once again, I've been assigned to be part of the roving documentary team along with Jack. Everything should run a lot smoother this time around since I have a little experience under my belt from the last trip.

Yenii is on the reception with Sam Ly. She's helped Maria out with a lot of things in the past so she'll be the happy face that welcomes all our guests on the night.

Neither Yenii nor myself know what to expect since we haven't been apart of anything like this before. The activities I participated on my first trip with Laurent were completely different to what's planned for this trip. The one thing I can be certain of though, we'll have heaps of fun no matter what.

Again, I'll be crashing at Maria's place so a thanks in advance goes out to the Tran Clan.

Amongst all this hype, another purpose of my trip will be to discuss with both Maria and Tim, the direction Brisbane Rumble is headed in and what steps I need to take to better utilise the limited time we all have. They both are a wealth of knowledge that I'll be sure to make use of when Brisbane Rumble becomes more active.

I just want to make sure I get everything, not just completed, but completed right and up to everyone's standard and liking.

Anyway, the next time I blog will either be in Sydney or when I get back.

- B

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Rumble Reviews!!!!

From Johnny Jei Lei, 27 Sept
Hey guys,

I just want to start off by saying - awesome!

The humour was classic and the kung fu was excellent - what a great combination! I haven't seen a great funny Aussie-made film in ages, probably since The Castle, and Strange Bed Fellows - and MC2 was shot without a budget! Imagine if we actually had money!!!!!

I've only been on the project for about a year now, and my what a journey! I remember sitting next to Tim 6 months ago working on the post production and I already knew then that this film was going to be something special. It wasn't "ha ha" funny, it was "HAHA THIS IS FUCKEN HILARIOUS" funny.

But the most awesome thing is that all this was made in our part of the country. We've had some negative light in the past, but now its our turn to shine. We've had great talent from this area like, comic artist Matt Huynh and his PopperBox clan; fashion designer Akina; and now Rumble! What's next? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

Anyhow, it's been an honour helping you guys realise the dream, and for what happens next I'm sure we'll support Rumble in whatever way we can.

Lastly, to the man who started it all - Tim. Thanks mate for the passion, the drive and the determination for chasing your dream. Imagine if you still worked at 3! Rumble would've never existed and we would've all been strangers.


From Lisa Dieu, 27 Sept
heyy everybody!!

haha im all new to rumble and only joined earlier this yr LOL!
i only contributed to a days work of rumble so i acnt really call myself a RP member
(but i was in the credits! wooooooo~ haha thanks tim LOL )

but all i can say is the movie was absolutely AWESOME BABYY!!
rob da fob was a crack up with all his freshie lines!
the fighting was hectik and all the cinematography were well thought!- good job!

cuong's actin..was haha.. seemed monotone LMAO but nonetheless it was good overall.

and MARIA! lol i saw u inda viet papers.. i was like MUM!! i noe her!! lol
andi think u wer in the apex paper too. well done!

anyway i enjoyed myself that night!
good job team and maria and tim especially

From Michael Lee, 27 Sept
Can't wait for part III! :)

It's really great what you guys do! Showing what south west is all about, not just another slum. I couldn't stop laughing. Man Rob da Fob you rock. lol
Go tim and Maria and the Rumble Crew.
Keep it up aye. Guys like you make me proud to live in southwest!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost 1/2 Way thru the Screenings

Wow..surreal....Maximum Choppage: Round 2 is mid way in its screenings.....

Here are some things others are been saying.....

From Maria Tran 26 Sept.

Dear Rumblers,

Wow! I'm blown away....Finally...our Rumble Team has finally finished
"Maximum Choppage: Round 2" and seeing on the creased
screen...epic...the orgasmic to my ears and the action?
Full throttle!
Like Timmy my bro had said...its surreal....for me, the comedy was
hilarious! Shout out to "Rob the Fob" and his memorable comments
"Let's busy time!". Timmy - your final performance was heart rendering
and "The Champ" final showdown was awesome!

The event went smoothe with an awesome gallery space and photos and a
feedback space.

So only Friday, Saturday, & Sunday to go everyone!

If possible, can I get some feeback from all Rumble attendees of the
movie? What did you like about? What genres would you describe it as?
What kinds of films is MC2 similar to? Which characters/ scenes is you

From Quoc Trinh Sept 26
haha maria had her first orgasm during the premier lol

criticism wise i don't think u should've used a bible for the book or at least you shouldn't show the title of it, more specifically when rob the fob steps on it and trips over during the sis lil bro fight. its just that u sometimes get hardcore christians/catholics who might get offended by that sorta stuff (stepping on the bible) and considering there's apparently a lot of old people on the sunday premier thats probably something u might have to look out for.

other than that i really enjoyed it man it was hilarious hahaha i guess to me rob was the standout character but i've heard otherwise, the sis + lil bro duo were probably the coolest, and the champ went down too fast in my opinion lol, and i like how tim's character was humble about his abilities and only fights at full potential when really necessary. the funniest shot would have to be the chase sequence, kinda reminds me of buster keaton lol

unfortunately maria never found us earlier otherwise i would've loved to work on it too XD

and after watching that im even more pumped into making the next one haha starting to get ideas already XD

anyway looking forward to making lots of films with you guys keep up the awesome work and one day there'll be a big studio in hollywood or something with "Rumble Pictures" written across the main gate =D


From Timothy Ly Sept 26


No big deal. We'll get some controversy.

Yeah I could of worked out that fight longer.

I guess it's a new beginning for RP.

Great work peeps! And be sure to represent and wear your Rumble shirts on the upcoming nights.
From Julian Chung Sept 26

Goooo RUMBLE!!! =D

The opening scene...shots of the Champ and temple...that's hot! Oh and the sunlight hrmm...hehe.

Awww....the last scene 'hands' cute! and a crack up! Hahahaahaha.

The hair...short one moment...long the other...fringe one fringe another hehehe continuity, that's just me picking on Tim..but totally understandable over four years span of shooting!

Great job Mr Action D & Miss Chatter Promoter ;) and Cast & Crew!!!!!!!

Lets enjoy our next three nights =D Gooooo Rumble!!!!

M: 0413 235 177

From Roxie Vuong Sept 26

heheh lol- yeah i can't sleep either though i've gotten the rumble fever a day later

yes definitely the whole thing was really quite amazing- like a jigsaw puzzle- it must have been crazy piecing all the different/multiple scenes together to make it somehow look like its all in a day's work. the film itself is a testament not only to various hair changes but also the production values and how much that has strengthened throughout MC2

yay! can't wait for the rest of the screenings and of course- number 3 woohooo

ready to rumble? :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rumble Update

As I awoke this morning under the computer, having trying to peel my eyes open from an all nighter of editing; familiar words sprang into mind.

"Four more days to go!"

Something I imagine Maria would say as she would gesticulate under the flames of RP passion. People , it's coming --- MC2 is launching!

Excitement is brimming from the RP crew, with so much media coverage ( 3D world Magazine, The Brag, MX , the Sydney Morning Herald.) happening. The hype is more than we can chew.
Honestly, I don't know what to think of it as I'm just numb with anticipation and disbelief of where it has come to. I'm just feeling really thankful and blessed that we're in this position.


Recently we executed "The Ninja's of dawn" Project. A mediocre success, Rumble crew decided to take advantage of the newly acquired ninja suits (compliments of the Downtown Rumble Production), and stir up some controversy for the upcoming MC2 launch. RP rocked up to Martin Place, to channel 7's Sunrise show, in hopes to be televised!
Nine Lives, our fellow Le Pakour group and our crew worked together to gather crowd attention, however we were unable to get the station to come up to us, receiving a consolation prized autograph photo of one of the presenters of the show.

Maria clears the train for the ninja's

9 Lives crew and RP crew combined. Excelsior!!

Ninja taking some time to share politics.

Ninja's finding some ambush positions

After wards we traveled around the City, and copped some discriminatory " get away from me" looks" ---with the occasional racial remark or two. But heh, it didn't bother me at all having preoccupied myself half the day thinking up as many ninja jokes as possible. My recurrent fav on the day-- "What? You don't like me! It's because I'm black isn't!?!". High-larity!

The day was long but extremely enjoyable. We didn't get what we wanted but we did get an experience. Shout out to 9 Lives and the RP crew for their patience and spirit.

The Sound of MC2

I'm basically finishing the film as we speak, with some major color correction editing and music/ sound coming to finalization. The other night, I had sound session with our Composer, Zeljko Lazic, in which I was floored by the music. Pumping BASS and lots of it.

I believe there're many aspects of MC2 that is completely unique for a Kung Fu film. But I tell you what--- I think the music in the film is going to be a spectacle on it's own.
Zeljko can pretty much do any musical style I tell him too. Orchaestra, rock, folk, pop, you name it. But if anything, the man excels in kickass "owning the place' cool music. Rendering the opening scene of The Champ ( Brian Lee ) to the ultimate level of badass.

To add to the sound dept, we got some really awesome local band talent such as Israel, Just A Day, Envy Parade, Redbak, and so much more. The music extends to hip hop to rock and darn it, it's all going to be all in a Kung Fu film. Oh yeah!

Also I'm not going to forget my key audio Sound Editors. Dave Leong and Robert Trieu ( who also doubles as Rob Da Fob in the film ) did an enormous job of ADR ( Dubbing ), foley and sound editing the whole darn thing. Reconstructing 90% of the sound and transforming it into a cinematic sound experience. Rob did a crazy job with the fight sounds this time. Ever watched our earlier Martial Film - Project Vengeance? Lets just say It's going to be far more explosive in MC2.

Don't forget to check out the site!

06/09/08 Downtown Rumble @ the ABC

The shoot for this scene was extremely difficult. Having arrived at the ABC, we started immediately into action.

The whole scene had Maria's character chasing after me because I had stolen the special Orbs ( innuendo not intended ). What would take place would be the first standoff with Maria and myself.
It was tiresome and sweaty going take after take in the complexes humidity . Maria seemed to get injured a lot, with aches and pains everywhere ( She fights like a man but complains like a---ahem ). Fighting in the office hallway, it went really interesting when we took the fight into the elevator, which apparently by the response of the guys, it went really hard hitting. Hope it did. I actually had spent quite a deal of time with Maria choreographing this scene, spending at least a month and half training her. Having been no amateur to action, with her 2 on 1 fight in MC2, my aim for this scene was to take the choreography to a more old school Kung Fu approach; much of which requires that your Kung Fu basics to be quite exceptional. I just had to take Maria to familiar ground since she's been out of Martial Art's for sometime.

A sneak peak at the test choreography of the fight sequences will be coming up soon. So watch out for that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MC2 Promotions - Taken From Quoc Do

[Sorry Quoc...I'd just wanted the whole world to know the good job you are doing for the promos of MC2]

Hey guys, (email from Quoc Do to the Rumble Team)

Just letting you know everything went swell and I managed to get rid of all the flyers. The reactions I got from the people I gave flyers to personally were that of genuine enthusiasm that even I didn't expect to receive. Some seemed excited and even asked for some more flyers to pass over to friends. Some laughed (In a positive way). I also gave a few to lecturers, they also seemed highly interested. One congratulated on the development, another even saying he had roots stemming from the Fairfield School of Arts. Overall, it was an energetic response to find the best single word.

The rest of the flyers I placed on car window screens. Whether or not this is seen as effective or not I am not sure, however, I can say that I did manage to cover one whole lot and a half and later returned to find but none had been disregarded and thrown to the floor (I think I saw one).

Anyway, this keen reaction from the people has actually charged me up for the Premiere. Looking forward to it.


Quoc Do.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rumble Pictures Meeting

Date: 8th of September, 2008 7.15-9pm
Present: Johnny Jei Lei, Stephen Tan, Quoc Do, Quoc Trinh, Jack Ngu.

Another Rumble meeting tonight. In the meantime, Tim & Ryan are working like busy bees in the city doing another ADR sound session.

It ain’t easy being Rumble Pictures, while I guess we are great inspirations to many people; young and old, we ourselves have to source our inspirations to continue the momentum.

Tonight’s meet was a tight one. All I did was to hand out the flyers and designate places that these peeps can circulate it. So far, uni NSW, UWS – Penrith has been set down and Quoc brought up some cool marketing strategies of just putting them on cafĂ© tables and lecturers mailbox to get the word out. That’s what we want and are aiming because we have spent too long to get to this position and to drop it all.

I had fun with these small chat with the boys, discussing dreams and aspirations and future film projects. We came round to doing a little research online as Stephen pressed on “SPL”.

I kept on reiterating, “Securing the connections for Rumble to lead a feature film before 25”. “Why not 30?” Asked Stephen. “Because we can do this by 25!’
Man! Sometimes I think that things I say, I hope will come into fruition. To insure this, I must always be on my toes and on the lookout of potentials and opportunities for Rumble to get that step closer.

By the way, 16 days to go till the launch to “Maximum Choppage: Round 2” and boy…do I feel sorry for people who will be missing out. Basically we just got our flyers a few days ago and prior to this, we are reaching maxed out capacity. So 5, 000 flyers seems to be useless. But maybe, we can be “Asian” about it and reuse it for the “Asia Week” screenings…..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ever wondered what it's like to be on a Rumble set?

Part 1 of 2 episodes behind the scenes of MC2.

It's a MOCKUMENTARY ( NOT REAL ) but it seems a lot of people watch this thinking we're really like this. What people don't understand is, that its just a slight exaggeration. :)

Boy I definitely had fun on this one! *EVIL GRIN*

'Downtown Rumble' Behind the Scenes - So far

Here's a behind the scenes look of the JTV TV series.

Currently still under production with about 50% left to go. *I'm going nuts trying to finish MC2 and get DTR fight choreography all finished*

Watch how funny man Director Ryan Peters, struggles to keep his sense of humor under the weight of all the stress. And how Mr D.O.P Rudge Hollis seems to looks hotter than all the stars of the film combined.

Production Showreel. Edited by Maria Tran.

Production Blog. Produced by Bill Giang and Laurent Boiteax.