Monday, August 10, 2009


Whilst in the midst of writing up Maximum Choppage: TV series, I find my self countless hours looking at walls trying to figure out stories and ideas and have found that.... the dreaded "Creative Block" has reared its ugly little head. (Bear this update as it will lack commentry.)

I'm wondering what I can do to stave off some of this. Talking a few brilliant people in the field they seem to take creative walks as a way of synthesizing ideas. Theorizing it as more of a distraction, I have to admit it's far more better than what I've thought of so far.

I've been involved in a couple of music videos so far, working with Ryan Peters as a director on the Hip Hop Video from "Electric Elements" and the upcoming music video "My Heart Stops" which I'm not sure what the artists names are. Oddly I never got around to asking. Funky music. Expect nurses and council workers.

Overall for music videos it has been a fun ride so far. I'm looking forward to producing more in future, as it seems to be the year for it.

The "Ricky Cheng" documentary will be starting late August with much anticipation. A few of the guys have been looking forward to doing something entirely different. This will be a nice change as we'll be following a former gangster from Cabramatta over the couple of weeks.

Marie Setiwan is currently writing up a pitch for Downtown Rumble 2. Rumble's ninja sequel.
Turning out really exciting.

*yawn*. More updates next time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting ready... to rumble!

Yup was a slow start towards the beginning of the year, with a couple of projects here and there and just testing the waters with a number of different of alternative things. But we are now in mid June and i can definitely feel that things are about to go beyond the simmering stages.

Timmy has done a good job of building connections and relationships through existing projects such as those in the music video scene and of course building strong alliances with other budding production companies to work on win-win projects. I can tell you for certain that there is no turning back once the ball get rolling *without giving too much away (or anything)*.

On may end, international markets are hard to break through, not impossible, but very closed up for the time being with the economic crisis but I can safely say that there is a handful of go links that may prove useful for the upcoming projects Rumble is heading for.

To other good news, Timmy, Andy and I will be somewhat apart of Tony Ayres and Rachael Swain's production "Shanghai Ladykillers" playing roles of "assassins" and "gang henchmens" which is a really cool thing if this physical Team Rumble will get some future travels together around Ozland for this production.

Securing some future screenings in SA, WA, NT have been somewhat a time consuming process and I'm still following up whether MR Kevin Rudd will give us his feedback on the film (I've got 20 copies to go so I will continue to send one each to his office every month until he gives some feedback).

Okies. Better sign off.

Maria Tran

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to meet a celebrity!

The thing about celebrities I tend to realize is there's no chilled out laid back cool way of approaching them.

Take for example, we had the recent opportunity to meet up the famous "Natalie Tran" of Community Channel .Australia's most subscribed woman and personality on Youtube.

With news of her attending to our Rumble meeting, I'm not proud to admit it but i have to say I was a tad nervous. What for? I don't know. Maybe because I see on youtube a lot? Maybe cause she's a girl? Maybe cause she doesn't show Kung Fu and am looking for her to drop the bombshell on me that she can? -----There's not hit of rational reason for it.

If anything I believe I wanted her to show clearly what Rumble was all about it a single meeting without getting her the wrong idea---that we're laid back chilled out creative cool guys. shyeah.

Rumble crew with Natalie (2nd from the left) And uncle.

So we have a meeting of about 10 guys or so. The RP Peeps tend to make jokes between agenda items, going off to tangets randomly. A few of the boys weeks before were talking about how we were there to downplay her celebrity we get this all tha time. But this weird phenomenon happened throughout the meeting. Everybody was nervous. It was in the laughter, the silence, the jokes that go flat. ha. I wasn't the only one here my friends.

Another incident, down at the Sydney Film festival, I checked out Khoa's Do's new film "Missing Waters". A little drama about the refugee boat experience. After Q&A Maria called up announcing a suprize guest in town for the festival ---- John Woo.

" I'm Chow Yun Fut there!"

Coming fashionably half an hour late ( You know how he likes his slowmo's), he rocks up with some entourage, spouting words of his recent success of his 80 Million US Chinese made film "Redcliff" (China's most expensive movie to date). Four other Rumble Guys were there and were dead set on getting his photo. With me, I decided I wanted to pitch a film to him. Why not? At least I can say I met him. Maybe even I can go to say that we we're friends.
John Woo at the Sydney Film Festival

With the Q&A going on for a while, I decided to ask a question from the audience in which he answered at length. And yes...he made eye contact with me while answering.

And so soon enough the discussion ends abruptly. His media engagements awaited. Everyone crowded around him slowly as he went towards backstage. My guys walked hesitantly. No screaming just this weird slow murmuring stalking motion of 40 people out for Woo. At the bak of the crowd, oddly I stood there as if a sold out sign had appeared.
"I ain't like them" I thought. A few the guys took some "Cheap shots". Photos taken with John Woo without him noticing. Not worth the dignity me thinks. John left soon after.

Ah..well. It's either that or making a scene. I think the force of refrain from looking like you're some screaming teenage chick at a Jonas Brothers Concert is strong in me. I don't want to go there. I don't! Ahh well if destiny provides me so me and him will meet someday day.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back again?!

Goodness it's been a while working on this Blog.

Forgive me, If I can make it up it to you guys I'll just let you know Its been quite a thrill spiritually and filmic-wise; Roller coaster ride of emotions I would like to call it.

To come down to it I've been focusing on developing Rumble as a super force to be dominated by. Focusing on series of projects which I believe that will forge Rumble as a reputable film production house as well as working towards skill up those members- Me including. A big change has been set in motion...but one warmly received.

Music Videos, TV projects, Feature films. There's much to play with.

I'm pumped. Because I've got a new baby to play with now. And it's different. Very different.
I'm working on a gangster film! Hooya!

Keeping it short. Just letting you know I'm back.heh

Friday, January 23, 2009

Are you ready? Cause I am.

OK so it's been a little quiet and in the dark for a good few months, but I tell ya, it's for good reasons of course! Well I tell you what I'm pretty darn freaked out and ecstatic for what this new year brings for the RP crew.

Our work from Downtown Rumble as having our TV Debut has lead to some future projects to further be developed by RP.
Ryan did an awesome work killing himself and work up others to get it finished. Honestly, i had my reservations but the man pulled through!

Maria has combined her working herself up in the Vietnamese communities around Australia and combining the strengths of Rumble.

I'm back into Martial Art training, which I'm looking to do something entirely different from my own Art --- Shaolin. Been there for 10 years now, time to switch styles!
And gasp, I'm going to focus on acting this year. I have to admit I'm a little hesitant but that's the reason why I'm doing it. Cause I don't want to. Yeah...complicated.

Lots of script writing with a new feature being worked on,
New and exciting people to meet. Lot's of development at hand I can't even bothered to detail.

Me and Maria are heading up to Qld for a screening of MC2. I haven't been there since 1994. Can't wait to see the sunshine coast again. I digs the waters!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MC2 Screening @ Horse Bazaar MELB: Round 2

Horse Bazaar is a nice litte hubbish bar off the quieter section of Little Londale St, Melbourne and it was an interesting place to screen "Maximum Choppage: Round 2". The turnout was only 20, and I think the place only had a small capacity so it was still nice and cosy. One thing I picked up about the enjoyability of MC2 was that it was general and the "Communal" laughs were inhibited, in comparison to a massive crowd of 150 of our past screenings.
But overall, I still enjoyed the film and the fight sequences are still something that will always get me kicks.

Signing off,

Maria Tran