Friday, March 28, 2008

General Fortnightly Meeting

“The Shed”
28th March, 2008
7pm – 8pm
Rumble General Meeting

Attendance: David Lee, Johnny Jei Le, Rudge Hollis, Jane Lee, Elizabeth Vu, Ryan Peters, Roxie Vuong, Tony Dinh, Brain Lee, My Sang Le, Joseph Dinh, Cuong Tran
Facilitators: Maria Tran & Timothy Ly
Special Guests: “Popper Box” Tak Tran, Tina Tran, Tu Sen Tran.
Apologies: Julian Chung

1.Clean Up Australia Day 08
Roxie Vuong did an update of the event. This year, more garbage was collected to fill up to 20 large garbage bags. Way to go Rumble Pictures!

For the 2007 First Clean Up Australia Day Project, check out: -

2.Update on Maximum Choppage: Round 2
Check out the original "Maximum Choppage"
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Bloopers - Behind the Scenes -
Sponsorships – Tim & Maria have been working extensively in this area. Meeting up with film director Craig Anderson to discuss matters. Currently doing a lot of research, making calls and connects with potential clients.
MC2 Trailer – The Official MC2 Trailer is due to be completed and will be released and promoted in the next month. Tim has slaved away hundreds of hours working and perfecting it.
Sound department – Sound is a very crucial component of the film and so far Tim had recently faced the obstacle of “maximising” the sound to align with the footage. Key partners in this area are Robert Trieu and Zeljko Lazic who will work collaboratively with SAE College to produce the audio to perfection.
Mockumentary – One of Rumble Pictures past projects is a mockumentary (a comedy film genre presented as a documentary recording real life, but is in fact fictional). Australia’s recent big hit was “Summer Heights High” and “The Nominees” done by comedy genius Chris Tilley. Thus, RP was inspired to create their own and react “Behind the Scenes of MC2”. This is due to be release in early April.
MC2 Translations – Vietnamese – Maria Tran initiated this project last year, however, it was faced some ongoing bumps on the road as team members have been dropping out of this project. However, Joseph Dinh, a young Australian-Vietnamese youth representative, member of Vietnamese Student Association and the Vietnamese Graduation Association has volunteered to fulfil the translations role. Dinh speaks a little bit about himself; currently a recent law graduate, emerging MC, fluent in the language of Vietnamese and is passionately pursuing literature and advocacy.

3.Marketing and Promotions
90.1 2 NBC FM Vietnamese Community Radio Interview
When: Tuesday 4th of March, 2008, 9-9.30pm.
Where: 33 Baumans Rd, Peakhurst
The Vietnamese community have a radio program every night on Tuesdays and Thursdays on 90.1 FM. This down-to-earth, bilingual and relaxing radio program touch base with other community organizations and community leaders.

A very nerve wrecking experience for me as it was my first time being interview live on a radio station. The interview was conducted in Vietnamese so I had to encapsulate “Rumble Pictures” to the best of my abilities; retelling the beginnings, the challenges, the community, projects, and the possible future. A couple bloopers here and there but overall it was an exciting experience.

4. Events
Seminar Series: Where do you get it? Funding your arts project.
When: Thursday 27th of March, 2008, 6-8pm.
Where: Performance Studio, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Cnr Campbelltown & Appins Rd, Campbelltown.
Timothy Ly and 1 was at this ICE event to hear out what Arts Council and CCD worker has to say about funding and touching on some of the barriers around funding assessments.

Key speakers included:-
· Dr Paula Abood – Writer, director, community cultural development worker
· Frank Panucci – Director, Community Partnerships, Australia Council for the Arts
· Louise Walsh – Director, Artsupport Australia.

The community partnerships category was still very confusing and I agree with what Dr Abood said about the orgnisation being distant from the artist. Even Director Frank Panucci had admitted that sometimes its who you know that are on the assessing committee.
Louise Walsh from Artsupport Australia (a sector of Arts Council) services was very appealing. They are basically set up to mentor individual and group artists in finding corporate funding, something of which Tim and I are veering towards.
I have booked in a meeting with her on the 21st of April, 2008 to discuss Rumble Pictures case.

4.Project Proposals
Graphics Design Workshop “I-Design”
Preliminary planning stages are underway for a graphics project lead by “Rumble Pictures”. The rationale is the growing number of Rumble members that are skilled or interested in Graphics Design and may want to develop facilitators skills and go on graphics social outings.

New Rumble member, My Le Sang, from Cabramatta will be heading this project and is currently learning the ropes of grant writing and project management.

A steering committee is underway with expression of interests from Johnny Jei Le, Quoc Do & Tuan Tran. Community First Step are interested in developing this project.

Video – Log online series
Inspired by you tube kevjumba’s series of V-Logs, RP are set to explore this area of film. Ryan Peters will head this project.

Closet Romantics Music Video
After the success of the first music video of “Homebound Carriage” screened at youth events “ShortCuts 07” and “WestXpress”, there are plans to collaborate with local rising artists “Closet Romantics” in another music video. This project will be directed by Rudge Hollis.

Check out "Homebound Carriage" Music Video.

5.Upcoming Events
ShortCuts 08 - Western Sydney's premier short film festival for young people, as part of National Youth Week 2008.
When: Friday the 4th of April, 2008.
Where: Fairfield Community Centre, Barbara St (Cnr Harris St) Fairfield
Cost: $5.

Bring It On Festival
When: Saturday, 13th of April, 2008
Where: Fairfield Showground
This year, Rumble Pictures will be submitting a couple of entries including Timothy Ly’s “StreetFu” and launching the Official “Maximum Choppage: Round 2” Trailer. Maria Tran will be submitting “Happy Dent”, a short doco/ fictional film on a 6 year old street kid’s life in Vietnam. Ryan Peters will also be submitting. 2007 Shortcuts winner, Michael Zhu will feature his latest works in a special presentation.

Check out "Street Fu" at

6.Guest Speakers
Emerging arts group “Popper Box”
Collaborative notes from Roxie Vuong, Brian Lee, Jane Lee & Joseph Dinh.
“Popper Box” is a collaborative arts group that have formed sinced November 2007. Members include Matt Huynh, Tak Tran, Tina Tran, William Leong, Helena, Kevin Vo, David Tang & Haline Ly. Most are emerging artists in comics, graphic design, literature, software design etc… and come together as an arts hub to exchange and develop ideas and put them into action. They have completed two projects to date; the first is a is a 2 day large wall paintings that have been recorded and sped up to depict the changing nature of the project; the second, is a night project using LED lights to depict playful images and recorded on a low shutter speed camera. Their future projects will be with Cabravale Leisure Centre.
Check out their website at

7.New member
My-Sang Le is 19 years of age, living in the area of Cabramatta. She graduated from Canley Vale High School in 2006 and is currently studying the combined B Design/B Art Education degree at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Le would like to pursue a career in the design industry as a Graphic Designer. She also enjoys photography and teaching students. With Rumble Pictures, Le is in the progress of establishing graphic design workshops to assist and inspire the local youths in the field of Graphics.

Any other news that you will like to include in Rumble Pictures fortnightly meetings about what’s on in the community or about what is happening with you, please email

All information during this event can be followed up on

Fairfield Forum Promotions

When: 7th Feb, 08 from 6.30 - 9pm
Where: Cnr Station & Ware St, Fairfield.
Attendance: Timothy Ly, Maria Tran, Michael Huynh, Michael Lee & friend, David Ball, Cuong Le, Elizabeth Vu, May Wa Leng. Ryan Peters, Rudge Hollis, Wayne Pham

Rumble Pictures crew embarked on their film promotional event at Fairfield Forum Shopping Centre, promoting their involvement in the Fairfield City Council Cultural Grant and the community. They settled a projector and put their promotional materials to the test (for the first time – stickers!).

From my point of view, it wasn’t the best place for Rumble Promotions as the shopper demographics were a bit off.

However, Rumble Pictures enjoyed the company of our members as well as the Fairfield City Council Grants Officer – Sienna

Vietnamese Tet Festival Promotions

When: 15th/16th Feb from 4pm - 9pm
Where: Warwick Farm Racecourse, Hume Hwy ,Warwick Farm (Opposite KFC)
Attendance: Timothy Ly, Maria Tran, Ryan Peters, Rudge Hollis & May Wa Leng.

Rumble Pictures made an appearance during this late New Year Festival as the Vietnamese Student Association kindly allowed us to display our “Rumble” materials on the first day of the festival. In addition, the Vietnamese Women’s Association provided us with a wall space to showcase our articles, graphics and posters to gallery attendees.
Promotions came to a stand still at the festival stall, however the Rumble Pictures gallery collection raised some good responses amongst the younger demographics.

RP was even reacquainted with Khoa Do and enjoyed a few mug shots with him.
Overall, Rumble Pictures enjoy the fun, food and festivities as members used this event as a chill out session.

Final 2007 Rumble Pictures Meeting

Rumble Pictures
End-of-Year Meeting
Friday 14th December, 2007
Jesus Family Center

A letter from Maria Tran,

Hi there Rumble Member from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I'm currently in Vietnam until the 6th of January, 2008 and having a whole bunch of Rumble Pictures/ MC2 projects to undertake and also loving it. Unfortunately, I cannot be at our very last yearly Rumble Meeting *sniff*, however, that will not deter me from being apart of it J

Vietnam Film Industry Contacts
I've attempted contacted to the following VN film industries and have given them a copy of Rumble Pictures 2007 Showreel (Compilation by T. Ly) and am awaiting for their reply which I was advised could take up to more than a week.
Ho Chi Minh City Film Industry Company
Phuoc Sang Entertainment Corporation
HK Film
Giai Phong Film Industry
But not to worry. The aims of sending their showreel is to get them familiarised with Rumble Pictures and our works and perhaps establish some sort of relationship in future that could be useful for our own future projects. In regards to Johnny Minh Tri, I'm having a hard time tracking this guy down. Apparently, he just left to go back to the states.

MC2 Promotional Materials
Still shopping around for the best deals in terms of poster printing and other merchandise. I'm looking at $10 per poster at the moment and $1.50 on picture printed keyrings and $7 on mugs.

Dust of Life Project
I've been running around trying to get contacts, getting rejected and told off, etcmany of the foundations and NGOs work on very dodgey practices, but after 20 places I've settled for one where I'll be teaching English to the local orphans boys from 7-16 for the last duration of my stay (3ish weeks) at the Mai Am Tan Binh House. I kinda had to bluff my way a bit and say that I teach in Australia. (Which of course I do with Mission Australia and their home english tutoring scheme) hehehe! I've enlisted a Project coordinator?hehehe! And she and I have also been shopping around for books, pencils, paper, toys and wrapping them up for different orphan groups.

Yesterday was first lesson was so nerve racking. It started off 8 kids and at the end of the session I had 20 eager little boys to teach basic introductions and numbers from 1-20. We played games, had little counting competitions, did some number searches and role plays. These kids were so thirsty for knowledge and asked a whole heap of questions about the world, of which, often I'm puzzled myself.

Today (Thursday, 13th) I travelled for 4 hours to visit a what I would say, poverty stricken place. Beggars were everywhere and the amount of provisions I had for them was definitely not enough. I see so many people; missing limbs, unrecognizable human features, I'd listened to some of their stories. Locals have warned me earlier that most are professional beggars and this is what they do for a living. But I knew better. Out of all professions, I think begging isn't something that one would willingly chose. I latter found out that they have a beggar camp where orphan children were taken to, grown till the age of 5 and then had their limbs removed for the sake of their profession? I guess wanting to change the world and facing realism is two different things that I feel so torn apart on. I seriously don't know what to feel anymore, about myself, my abilities on what I can actually possibly do.

Unpolished Gem - By Alice Pung

Just as a sideliner note, I've been reading this great novel by Melbourne lawyer/ writer and it is fantastic material and insight into the Asian-Australian experience. It contains pages after pages of funny little typical Asian?moments that I can definitely identify with.

Maximum Choppage: Round 2
Just a reminder to all that MC2, project made by founder T. Ly and shared amongst all, is on the road to completion. Its been a long and hard journey with so many obstacles, challenges, long long shoots, in which, both cast and crews have so dedicated themselves to. Sometimes it may feel all hopeless; and that the end seems impossible, however, keep in mind that this project aims to create epicness out of nothingness?
Epicness includes, building our film empire outside the Aussie Film industry, being the first true Australian Suburban Action Martial arts film.
Nothingness entails, shot with no-budget (doesn't go lower than this!), reliance on volunteers to run production from A-Z (From my research, there has never been a production that has run for 4 years that main blood source are the volunteers, btw, by nothingness I mean that volunteers are unconventional used in this area), produced in south-west Sydney Cabramatta (hardly anything positive imaged projects has come from this area), youth-orientated all the way! (young people are often stereotype as be incapable of a grand scale project).
Personally, MC2 is like getting a waiter to do brain surgery. We are all riding against the conventions placed before us and we will see MC2 through!

Signing off, I want to say have a great and wonderful Christmas. Its been a wonderful and magical year, and on behalf of the Rumble Core Members, thank you for dedicated your time and efforts, no matter how big or small to the shoots, other projects, taking on roles and/or turning up to our meetings. I look forward to see you all again next to launch Rumble Pictures 4-year-old baby project MC2!