Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MC2 Screening @ Horse Bazaar MELB: Round 2

Horse Bazaar is a nice litte hubbish bar off the quieter section of Little Londale St, Melbourne and it was an interesting place to screen "Maximum Choppage: Round 2". The turnout was only 20, and I think the place only had a small capacity so it was still nice and cosy. One thing I picked up about the enjoyability of MC2 was that it was general and the "Communal" laughs were inhibited, in comparison to a massive crowd of 150 of our past screenings.
But overall, I still enjoyed the film and the fight sequences are still something that will always get me kicks.

Signing off,

Maria Tran

Youth Event: WestXpress 2008 is coming!

All proceeds go to Australian Genies. A local Youth Disabilities charity organization.

Rumble goes on the new Fat Pizza Set

On a rather dull Monday, 20th of October 2008...
Me and Tim finally got to appear in a shoot together... im sure it ment nothing to him, but i was something to me since he wasnt kicking my masked ninja ass this time around.

I think it was 4pm, we meet at the secret location of the fictional courier company Swift and Shift, although the "f" fell off in Shift and the logo was then Shi t we still knew we were in the right place cause Pauly was there.

We discovered Habib's Hat. Hey Youleh!

Pauly who most of you would know is the dude in and behind FAT PIZZA
Apparently they are giving that series a rest or something and trying this delivery company thing. He was pretty much the same character though.
And I must point out that this is actually the same story line as FUTURAMA, Fry was working at a pizza joint before he went 1000 years into the future and into planet express, an intergalactic courier...

No longer Fat Pizza but "Swift And Shift"

Anyway to my surprise I realized he was shorter... yeh I'm taller! Also his real voice isnt as squeaky and is a lot deeper than his character.
But he still is one of my heroes, great guy, funny, inspiring etc. though I must say his round the world da Vinci pizza series were pretty lame and only uses the budget to travel the world… still that’s genius and I would do that too…

Me Paulie and Tim.

In the scene we were in, me and Tim were teamed up in a rather dodgy multicultural gang. There were islanders, aboriginals I assume and of course Asian rumbleness. Together we stole paulys bike and then beat him up... though really all we did was look at him angrily and he will probably edit in rumbling sounds after fading to black.

Anyway, the way um choco productions does it isn’t to different to us poor film makers, simple set up, no tripod and minimal crew... it also felt kinda dangerous.

- Jack Ngu

Checkout SBS online to see the episodes.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Downtown Rumble -- Now online

Australia's first Kung Fu TV series -- Episode 1 now online.

See it every Saturday 9am on ABC 1 on Triple J ( 25th Oct -- 15th Nov)

Directed by Ryan Peters

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The premiere of Maximum Choppage: Round 2 ---September 2008

Opening night of Australia's first Kung Fu film --- Maximum Choppage : Round 2
25th September 2008

The 25th of September will forever sear in my mind as one of the most nerve racking night of my life. Four years of blood and sweat finally concluding in 75 minutes.

Big names were coming. People from the Film Television Office, Craig Anderson and gang, Khoa Do, Actors, local filmmakers and all the Rumble Crew; they were all here to see what 4 years and bunch of kids with pipe dreams were made of. Nervous yes, but I wasn't the only one though.
On the Rumblers side, I found that the crew were in much of the sweats as I was. Rob was shaking ( literally ). Maria was frittering around trying to make sure everything was on course. Ryan was spitting more jokes than he could to keep him relaxed.

L to R --- Quoc Do ( RP webmaster ), Jane Lee ( Sword Chick #1 ), Michael Huynh ( Editorials ), David Tran ( Little Brother )

Sooner then you know it. The crowd rolled in. The credits kick in. I sunk into my seat feeling like I shouldn't be there. Feeling like I want to black out. Instead the lights do.

Applause erupts as the end credits roll.

"Fun" "awesome" "Funny" "congratulations". I shake it off...but the words come again and again; The film it's,--it's GOOD!?!

So many blushing comments on the night with people aghast on how far we pushed the limits of this Western Sydney No budget Kung Fu Film. We did it. A shining moment for Rumble Pictures.

The Rumble Pictures Crew rock on stage after the screening. There's more but apparently people have things to do on a Thursday night.

Over the course of the screenings, with so many comments I think the greatest ones I treasured the most were the ones from my family. For all my life, I've felt like I've owed something to my siblings and my parents. I've never felt I've like I'd ever have opportunity to give something back to them; That 23 years of this kids life meant something to them. All the money in the world couldn't compensate their love and support.

After it was screened to the family though; The smiles on their faces. I knew I hit on something.

Especially my dad. A major inspiration I must say for all the action that I love today. To get that thumbs up and the family grin from him, made me darn warm on the inside.

Shout out to all those involved in the production. The actors for their patience ( Roxy, Cuong, Robbo, Brian, David). The crew for their passion ( Rudge, Ryan). My bro Maria for her limitless enthusiasm. All those guys who helped out here and there. This is yours as much as it is mine!

So what now? More Screenings. More films to look forwards to? More challenges!
I believe this will be a defining new age for RP. We did this for Western Sydney, for the Asian Australians, the Australians and just for any person who thought they couldn't make anything of themselves cause they didn't think they have what it takes. We are you guys! And we're here to represent!

And thank YOU for hoping in us and cheering us on!

God bless and Rumble on!

Monday, October 6, 2008

"Downtown Rumble" Fight choreo

As promised, a little teaser from behind the scenes of "Downtown Rumble".

Much hard work went into this project. Currently our man Ryan Peters is busily chopping this up and things are looking quite darn impressive. It will definitely stand out on it's own on Australian TV.

Because when it comes to Ninja's Vs Cops ---Hands down Ninja's win!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Animania 2008

Jack Ngu, one of the newest RP members recently had a trip to the Animania convention.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
The long awaited launch of Maximum Choppage 2 is only a couple of days away now and everyone is getting excited. Both Yenii and myself will be flying down there to be a part of it. Once again, I've been assigned to be part of the roving documentary team along with Jack. Everything should run a lot smoother this time around since I have a little experience under my belt from the last trip.

Yenii is on the reception with Sam Ly. She's helped Maria out with a lot of things in the past so she'll be the happy face that welcomes all our guests on the night.

Neither Yenii nor myself know what to expect since we haven't been apart of anything like this before. The activities I participated on my first trip with Laurent were completely different to what's planned for this trip. The one thing I can be certain of though, we'll have heaps of fun no matter what.

Again, I'll be crashing at Maria's place so a thanks in advance goes out to the Tran Clan.

Amongst all this hype, another purpose of my trip will be to discuss with both Maria and Tim, the direction Brisbane Rumble is headed in and what steps I need to take to better utilise the limited time we all have. They both are a wealth of knowledge that I'll be sure to make use of when Brisbane Rumble becomes more active.

I just want to make sure I get everything, not just completed, but completed right and up to everyone's standard and liking.

Anyway, the next time I blog will either be in Sydney or when I get back.

- B

Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Rumble Reviews!!!!

From Johnny Jei Lei, 27 Sept
Hey guys,

I just want to start off by saying - awesome!

The humour was classic and the kung fu was excellent - what a great combination! I haven't seen a great funny Aussie-made film in ages, probably since The Castle, and Strange Bed Fellows - and MC2 was shot without a budget! Imagine if we actually had money!!!!!

I've only been on the project for about a year now, and my what a journey! I remember sitting next to Tim 6 months ago working on the post production and I already knew then that this film was going to be something special. It wasn't "ha ha" funny, it was "HAHA THIS IS FUCKEN HILARIOUS" funny.

But the most awesome thing is that all this was made in our part of the country. We've had some negative light in the past, but now its our turn to shine. We've had great talent from this area like, comic artist Matt Huynh and his PopperBox clan; fashion designer Akina; and now Rumble! What's next? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

Anyhow, it's been an honour helping you guys realise the dream, and for what happens next I'm sure we'll support Rumble in whatever way we can.

Lastly, to the man who started it all - Tim. Thanks mate for the passion, the drive and the determination for chasing your dream. Imagine if you still worked at 3! Rumble would've never existed and we would've all been strangers.


From Lisa Dieu, 27 Sept
heyy everybody!!

haha im all new to rumble and only joined earlier this yr LOL!
i only contributed to a days work of rumble so i acnt really call myself a RP member
(but i was in the credits! wooooooo~ haha thanks tim LOL )

but all i can say is the movie was absolutely AWESOME BABYY!!
rob da fob was a crack up with all his freshie lines!
the fighting was hectik and all the cinematography were well thought!- good job!

cuong's actin..was haha.. seemed monotone LMAO but nonetheless it was good overall.

and MARIA! lol i saw u inda viet papers.. i was like MUM!! i noe her!! lol
andi think u wer in the apex paper too. well done!

anyway i enjoyed myself that night!
good job team and maria and tim especially

From Michael Lee, 27 Sept
Can't wait for part III! :)

It's really great what you guys do! Showing what south west is all about, not just another slum. I couldn't stop laughing. Man Rob da Fob you rock. lol
Go tim and Maria and the Rumble Crew.
Keep it up aye. Guys like you make me proud to live in southwest!!!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost 1/2 Way thru the Screenings

Wow..surreal....Maximum Choppage: Round 2 is mid way in its screenings.....

Here are some things others are been saying.....

From Maria Tran 26 Sept.

Dear Rumblers,

Wow! I'm blown away....Finally...our Rumble Team has finally finished
"Maximum Choppage: Round 2" and seeing on the creased
screen...epic...the sound.....is orgasmic to my ears and the action?
Full throttle!
Like Timmy my bro had said...its surreal....for me, the comedy was
hilarious! Shout out to "Rob the Fob" and his memorable comments
"Let's busy time!". Timmy - your final performance was heart rendering
and "The Champ" final showdown was awesome!

The event went smoothe with an awesome gallery space and photos and a
feedback space.

So only Friday, Saturday, & Sunday to go everyone!

If possible, can I get some feeback from all Rumble attendees of the
movie? What did you like about? What genres would you describe it as?
What kinds of films is MC2 similar to? Which characters/ scenes is you

From Quoc Trinh Sept 26
haha maria had her first orgasm during the premier lol

criticism wise i don't think u should've used a bible for the book or at least you shouldn't show the title of it, more specifically when rob the fob steps on it and trips over during the sis lil bro fight. its just that u sometimes get hardcore christians/catholics who might get offended by that sorta stuff (stepping on the bible) and considering there's apparently a lot of old people on the sunday premier thats probably something u might have to look out for.

other than that i really enjoyed it man it was hilarious hahaha i guess to me rob was the standout character but i've heard otherwise, the sis + lil bro duo were probably the coolest, and the champ went down too fast in my opinion lol, and i like how tim's character was humble about his abilities and only fights at full potential when really necessary. the funniest shot would have to be the chase sequence, kinda reminds me of buster keaton lol

unfortunately maria never found us earlier otherwise i would've loved to work on it too XD

and after watching that im even more pumped into making the next one haha starting to get ideas already XD

anyway looking forward to making lots of films with you guys keep up the awesome work and one day there'll be a big studio in hollywood or something with "Rumble Pictures" written across the main gate =D


From Timothy Ly Sept 26


No big deal. We'll get some controversy.

Yeah I could of worked out that fight longer.

I guess it's a new beginning for RP.

Great work peeps! And be sure to represent and wear your Rumble shirts on the upcoming nights.
From Julian Chung Sept 26

Goooo RUMBLE!!! =D

The opening scene...shots of the Champ and temple...that's hot! Oh and the sunlight hrmm...hehe.

Awww....the last scene 'hands'...how cute! and a crack up! Hahahaahaha.

The hair...short one moment...long the other...fringe one moment...no fringe another hehehe continuity, that's just me picking on Tim..but totally understandable over four years span of shooting!

Great job Mr Action D & Miss Chatter Promoter ;) and Cast & Crew!!!!!!!

Lets enjoy our next three nights =D Gooooo Rumble!!!!

M: 0413 235 177
E: presentjulian@hotmail.com

From Roxie Vuong Sept 26

heheh lol- yeah i can't sleep either though i've gotten the rumble fever a day later

yes definitely the whole thing was really quite amazing- like a jigsaw puzzle- it must have been crazy piecing all the different/multiple scenes together to make it somehow look like its all in a day's work. the film itself is a testament not only to various hair changes but also the production values and how much that has strengthened throughout MC2

yay! can't wait for the rest of the screenings and of course- number 3 woohooo

ready to rumble? :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rumble Update

As I awoke this morning under the computer, having trying to peel my eyes open from an all nighter of editing; familiar words sprang into mind.

"Four more days to go!"

Something I imagine Maria would say as she would gesticulate under the flames of RP passion. People , it's coming --- MC2 is launching!

Excitement is brimming from the RP crew, with so much media coverage ( 3D world Magazine, The Brag, MX , the Sydney Morning Herald.) happening. The hype is more than we can chew.
Honestly, I don't know what to think of it as I'm just numb with anticipation and disbelief of where it has come to. I'm just feeling really thankful and blessed that we're in this position.


Recently we executed "The Ninja's of dawn" Project. A mediocre success, Rumble crew decided to take advantage of the newly acquired ninja suits (compliments of the Downtown Rumble Production), and stir up some controversy for the upcoming MC2 launch. RP rocked up to Martin Place, to channel 7's Sunrise show, in hopes to be televised!
Nine Lives, our fellow Le Pakour group and our crew worked together to gather crowd attention, however we were unable to get the station to come up to us, receiving a consolation prized autograph photo of one of the presenters of the show.

Maria clears the train for the ninja's

9 Lives crew and RP crew combined. Excelsior!!

Ninja taking some time to share politics.

Ninja's finding some ambush positions

After wards we traveled around the City, and copped some discriminatory " get away from me" looks" ---with the occasional racial remark or two. But heh, it didn't bother me at all having preoccupied myself half the day thinking up as many ninja jokes as possible. My recurrent fav on the day-- "What? You don't like me! It's because I'm black isn't!?!". High-larity!

The day was long but extremely enjoyable. We didn't get what we wanted but we did get an experience. Shout out to 9 Lives and the RP crew for their patience and spirit.

The Sound of MC2

I'm basically finishing the film as we speak, with some major color correction editing and music/ sound coming to finalization. The other night, I had sound session with our Composer, Zeljko Lazic, in which I was floored by the music. Pumping BASS and lots of it.

I believe there're many aspects of MC2 that is completely unique for a Kung Fu film. But I tell you what--- I think the music in the film is going to be a spectacle on it's own.
Zeljko can pretty much do any musical style I tell him too. Orchaestra, rock, folk, pop, you name it. But if anything, the man excels in kickass "owning the place' cool music. Rendering the opening scene of The Champ ( Brian Lee ) to the ultimate level of badass.

To add to the sound dept, we got some really awesome local band talent such as Israel, Just A Day, Envy Parade, Redbak, and so much more. The music extends to hip hop to rock and darn it, it's all going to be all in a Kung Fu film. Oh yeah!

Also I'm not going to forget my key audio Sound Editors. Dave Leong and Robert Trieu ( who also doubles as Rob Da Fob in the film ) did an enormous job of ADR ( Dubbing ), foley and sound editing the whole darn thing. Reconstructing 90% of the sound and transforming it into a cinematic sound experience. Rob did a crazy job with the fight sounds this time. Ever watched our earlier Martial Film - Project Vengeance? Lets just say It's going to be far more explosive in MC2.

Don't forget to check out the Mc2movie.com site!

06/09/08 Downtown Rumble @ the ABC

The shoot for this scene was extremely difficult. Having arrived at the ABC, we started immediately into action.

The whole scene had Maria's character chasing after me because I had stolen the special Orbs ( innuendo not intended ). What would take place would be the first standoff with Maria and myself.
It was tiresome and sweaty going take after take in the complexes humidity . Maria seemed to get injured a lot, with aches and pains everywhere ( She fights like a man but complains like a---ahem ). Fighting in the office hallway, it went really interesting when we took the fight into the elevator, which apparently by the response of the guys, it went really hard hitting. Hope it did. I actually had spent quite a deal of time with Maria choreographing this scene, spending at least a month and half training her. Having been no amateur to action, with her 2 on 1 fight in MC2, my aim for this scene was to take the choreography to a more old school Kung Fu approach; much of which requires that your Kung Fu basics to be quite exceptional. I just had to take Maria to familiar ground since she's been out of Martial Art's for sometime.

A sneak peak at the test choreography of the fight sequences will be coming up soon. So watch out for that.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MC2 Promotions - Taken From Quoc Do

[Sorry Quoc...I'd just wanted the whole world to know the good job you are doing for the promos of MC2]

Hey guys, (email from Quoc Do to the Rumble Team)

Just letting you know everything went swell and I managed to get rid of all the flyers. The reactions I got from the people I gave flyers to personally were that of genuine enthusiasm that even I didn't expect to receive. Some seemed excited and even asked for some more flyers to pass over to friends. Some laughed (In a positive way). I also gave a few to lecturers, they also seemed highly interested. One congratulated on the development, another even saying he had roots stemming from the Fairfield School of Arts. Overall, it was an energetic response to find the best single word.

The rest of the flyers I placed on car window screens. Whether or not this is seen as effective or not I am not sure, however, I can say that I did manage to cover one whole lot and a half and later returned to find but none had been disregarded and thrown to the floor (I think I saw one).

Anyway, this keen reaction from the people has actually charged me up for the Premiere. Looking forward to it.


Quoc Do.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rumble Pictures Meeting

Date: 8th of September, 2008 7.15-9pm
Present: Johnny Jei Lei, Stephen Tan, Quoc Do, Quoc Trinh, Jack Ngu.

Another Rumble meeting tonight. In the meantime, Tim & Ryan are working like busy bees in the city doing another ADR sound session.

It ain’t easy being Rumble Pictures, while I guess we are great inspirations to many people; young and old, we ourselves have to source our inspirations to continue the momentum.

Tonight’s meet was a tight one. All I did was to hand out the flyers and designate places that these peeps can circulate it. So far, uni NSW, UWS – Penrith has been set down and Quoc brought up some cool marketing strategies of just putting them on cafĂ© tables and lecturers mailbox to get the word out. That’s what we want and are aiming because we have spent too long to get to this position and to drop it all.

I had fun with these small chat with the boys, discussing dreams and aspirations and future film projects. We came round to doing a little research online as Stephen pressed on “SPL”.

I kept on reiterating, “Securing the connections for Rumble to lead a feature film before 25”. “Why not 30?” Asked Stephen. “Because we can do this by 25!’
Man! Sometimes I think that things I say, I hope will come into fruition. To insure this, I must always be on my toes and on the lookout of potentials and opportunities for Rumble to get that step closer.

By the way, 16 days to go till the launch to “Maximum Choppage: Round 2” and boy…do I feel sorry for people who will be missing out. Basically we just got our flyers a few days ago and prior to this, we are reaching maxed out capacity. So 5, 000 flyers seems to be useless. But maybe, we can be “Asian” about it and reuse it for the “Asia Week” screenings…..

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ever wondered what it's like to be on a Rumble set?

Part 1 of 2 episodes behind the scenes of MC2.

It's a MOCKUMENTARY ( NOT REAL ) but it seems a lot of people watch this thinking we're really like this. What people don't understand is, that its just a slight exaggeration. :)

Boy I definitely had fun on this one! *EVIL GRIN*

'Downtown Rumble' Behind the Scenes - So far

Here's a behind the scenes look of the JTV TV series.

Currently still under production with about 50% left to go. *I'm going nuts trying to finish MC2 and get DTR fight choreography all finished*

Watch how funny man Director Ryan Peters, struggles to keep his sense of humor under the weight of all the stress. And how Mr D.O.P Rudge Hollis seems to looks hotter than all the stars of the film combined.

Production Showreel. Edited by Maria Tran.

Production Blog. Produced by Bill Giang and Laurent Boiteax.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rumble Update

Kung Fu Comedy “Maximum Choppage: Round 2”
With only less than a month till the launch, I’m in charge of the marketing and promotions or the 4 night launch from the 25 – 28 September, 08.
After several brainstorming sessions with the Rumble Crew at “The Shed” Youth Centre, we have decided to expand our invite to as many relevant orgs, groups, people etc… who may be interested in a feature film like this one.

To this date, “Mary” has designed a wicked-as postcard flyer and is completing a Movie poster. She is definitely a prodigy. We will be printing them on 5,000 postcards and A3 posters and legally spam our networks.

MC2MOVIE.COM UPDATED - Johnny Jei Lei – our website designer of MC2 has refurbished the site, making it more dynamic and movie like! Well done Johnny! With host of new vids/media/info.

I’d just had my first ADR session last Thursday, and boy, was it a tough one! Just for those who don’t know, MC2 initially shot on sony handcams that had very very horrible audio, thus, Tim had decided to invest in a huge amount of time in redoing audio. Tough call, especially to get all the actors to align their schedules and travel to the city (45 mins away) and spend 6 hours doing audio. But when it gets to the fight sound effects, its heaps fun! Brian Lee, aka “The Champ” has impeccable timing in ADR however, at times he also made laughable mistakes.

Other things that I’ve been focusing on is the longevity of MC2. MC2 is an Australian first….thus I believe in its implications in the greater community and a source of inspiration for young people everywhere. I aim for the national tour and have been looking into the Kultour Program even though they don’t have a film component. But we’ll see how it goes!

Hanging out with Mr Grant Page – Australia’s legendary Stuntsperson
At the young age of 69, this man is still in the stunts arena. I and fellow ICE colleague Ali Kadhim and his 9 Lives crew were invited in Mr Page’s home in Avalon to check out some Zen Stunts team safely set themselves on fire. I’d didn’t realise how hard and dangerous it is to undertake stunts. On top of that, the Stunts industry in Australia is very small. Many have to travel abroad to pursue their stunts career and you pretty much have to be an adrenalin junkie or something to preservere.

I had a good chance to have small chat with Mr Ranko Markovic – producer of “The Cedar Boys”. A very interesting character with a lot of experience in his role. I hope to get a chance to meet him again to chat more about genres and funding.

9Lives Ali Kadhim’s Parkour Launch
Check out 9Lives site www.parkroar.com

Stephen Ta’s Sexy MC2 Photography
You gotta love Stephen’s photography work for the MC2 poster. With a little bit of emu oil and an eye for ‘selling” shots, Mr Ta has captured the characters of MC2 very well. Ta is our recent “Rumbler” and a film maker with a couple of awesome shorts under his belt and tonnes of work experience with Sunrise 7.

Maximum Choppage: Round 2 Behind the Scenes Mockomentary
I think we’ll leave mockos to Chris Lilley as our Rumble audience had a hard time deciphering that this is not how Rumble works - quite the opposite. Ryan Peters isn’t that incompetent, Tim’s not arrogant & I’m not that ditzy. Haha! Please LOL!

“Downtown Rumble” project update.
“Kiss, kiss, kick, punch!” is now being replaced with the voted on “Downtown Rumble” title.
From our meet, we workshopped the following titles: Kung Fu Tustle, Master of the Mystical Orbs, Ninja Showdown etc…I like Downtown Rumble…:p

Just a low down of this project, basically, it’s a 6 part interstitial TV mini series made for the ABC JTV that may be aired in November, 08.

Tagline: Chase sequence of stolen magical orbs between master, students and a group of ninjas!

This project is very exciting for Rumblers and has drawn a number of new faces and talents from across Western Sydney and interstate Brisbane!
In addition, Rumblers had a great opportunity to collaborate with Parkour artists 9Lives and filmmaker and emerging stunts coordinator Ali Kadhim.

Speaking of interstate Rumblers, I would like to introduce to you all two film buffs and passionate filmmakers; Bill Giang & Laurent Boiteux.

Bill Giang is 26 years of age, and resides in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane. Giang is currently studying a Bachelor of Multimedia/ Design and works as a casual university tutor/ lecturer and for after hours, works at a games arcade. He is a practitioner and trainer in martial arts, specialising in Tae Kwon Do, since 2002. He has made several short films, including the visual effects trailer “Jikoken’o” and has assisted on various film productions with stunt coordination. Giang loves doing things that he enjoy and hopes that he can continue collaborations beyond his area.

Laurent Boiteux is 20 years of age, and resides in Sunnybank, Brisbane. Boiteux has recently completed a Diploma of Film & Television from TAFE, has had various acting and screening experiences on the pilot TV series “SoulKeeper”. Boiteux also works at the same gaming arched as Bill Giang and is a strong practitioner in Tae Kwon Do since the age of 5 and recently has commenced WuShu Kung Fu. He has had taken lead as director/ writer of short films such as, experimental “Full Moon”, sci-fi spy thriller “ Escape from Tomorrow”, recent music clip “Versus” and “Orb//-Toxy”. Boiteux aspires to collaborate with strong youth productions who have interests in the martial arts urban action genre.

Shoot of Episode 1 – Intro to the master and ex-student fight

Shoot of Episode 5 – Ninja Warehouse Scene

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ABC JTV “Kiss, Kiss, Kick Punch!” Film Project

I’d just thought I’d do some blogging for the sake of it. Actually, blogging is a great exercise to keep up to date what is happening in your life – well revolving around the film projects. Okies….for those who don’t know, Rumble Pictures has come a long way (or short in terms of time span) from backyard short film to a film project with the ABC mentored by Craig Anderson! In addition, its scheduled to be aired some time in November 2008 this year! Nationally! It’s a really exciting time of the year for the Rumble gang as we set ourselves up for the shoot dates at the end of August.

Just a note, it is very hard to get the attention of the film industry. Stand in front of their build stark naked and don’t expect even a winch. If you are normal, you would get into film school, graduate, and start entry level (basic crappy jobs – free work) and slowly prove yourself up the ladder in different departments. Or after film school, work at Maccas for years to save up for equipment to start your own company – doing other people’s work – weddings at the bottom, commercials at the high end. But at the end of the day, creative control my be something you fortfeit for this kind of life. It suxs. Film suxs. In Australia of course. Back to the ABC gig, after the Tony Walters meet in regards to “Happy Dent” winning the Fairifeld Shortcuts Film Festival, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase Rumble Pictures showreel. Project Vegeance did it mostly. JTV producer Josh Martin basically proposed an offered which I was much unaware of. A martial arts 6 part series for JTV to be aired in 6 weeks segments! OMG! Are you asking a bunch of learn-on-the-fly-film-buffs from Western Sydney? I can just imagine those AFTRS and Film students kicking and screaming. I’d just thought…man! I’m glad I got into martial arts…but even gladder that I can applied it to film.

Creative Pros – Film Industry Meet as apart of Youth Digital Cultures!

Timothy Ly and I attended this awesome free youth event at Customs House Circular Quay that feature a panel of industry guest speakers from Andrew Traucki, director of feature film Black Water (2007) [film about crocodile terrors in NT mangroves]; Sonia Bible of Black Jelly Film Production; Sacha Ettinger-Epstein who did the film project, The Oasis that sparked a national debate about youth and homelessness and James Findley who received the FTO young Film makers fund for short film Vend that was a finalist at the 2006 IF Awards. It was a highly engaging and down to earth event run by Mission Australia and City of Sydney in a wicked space in Customs house. I remembered hurling a question to the panel in regards to feature film funding in Australia and got an anticipated response of private investors as core source while governmental funds was just a top up from Mr Traucki. Tim, on the other hand, delved into content development and what Mr Traucki to specify the term “Australian genres”. Apparently, the outback Australia theme is making a “resurgence” and Mr Traucki has a knack for thrillers as well. By the way, he made his film from 2.5 mil, in comparision to “Rogue” another crocodile theme film (from the makers of “Grabriel”) received 20 mil to make their film since they stepped foot into Hollywood. Question to ask ouselves…Who could potentially fund Rumble Pictures future projects? What are the characteristics of our hypothetical investors? How could Rumble Pictures stand apart from the endless groups of aspiring filmmakers living on a high by just making “shorts”?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Acting is Gay

Just yesterday we filmed our last triumphant scene for MC2. (Hoorah? No i got to pick up some other shots so it ain't done yet).

And for a Martial Art film I decided to try and end off the film with a little touching moment.
So it has me and Roxie walking along a sunset street, in which we eventually hold hands with each other to acknowledge our friendship. Yes how sweet! Hell it don't feel like it at the time!
Now if this 4 year long experience of starring in my own film has taught me something, it's this --- acting is very, VERY, GAY! But you know, funny thing is that not everyone has this same opinion. Surprised? Yes i sure am!

Roxie our leading lady in the film, has a theater background herself and she handles her scenes with great ease and poise. Damn lioness she is i tell you that. However my amateur, nervous, line forgetful butt has no experience in acting at all, none whatsoever, nada!! Well if you consider that time in High school Drama class, where i got up in front of everybody and cackled out something that was reminiscent to words as "experience". But no; I don't think so homeboy.

So what is it that makes it so gay? I think it's because, it's such an awkward art. You don't say or do the very things that you would usually do. For the first time in your life, you have to be completely aware of how you say and how you grimace.

Eg, picture this, when you have a line of dialogue you speak it. Easy? wait! You go up and say what you got to say. Though then you have to consider this. Where you looking? Sun? Argh no squinting! Everyone is staring at ya right now? Pressure! What are ya lines again? Hey what are you feeling? Funny? sick? What are you bloody hands doing? Crossed? No too grumpy! In da pockets! Waay too casual! IT- JUST-DOES-NOT- STOP * Breathing*

Ok, so if anything I hope that I've changed your mind about being an actor/actress. Though it's funny behind everyone lies a secret dream of being one. I'm guilty. Though despite all that embarrassment, I strangely do find fufillment in the challenge of it all. Contradictorily, to get into someone shoes and be someone your not and be convincing, or close to convincing, yes there is a sweetness. You feel one line closer than any other mediocre person to an Oscar :)

I heard Spielberg sum up what acting is ---- Courage. hmmm.....Maybe it is?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Without further ado!

MC2MOVIE.COM Launch Night

Yesterday we had our launch night for the Maximum Choppage: Round 2 website. I've been waiting for this day for a long time ( 2nd to premiering the film itself ).
I'd figure we had about 25 peeps, all of which range from Rumble members to close friends to community supporters ( Powerhouse Youth Theater and The Information and Cultural Exchange ).

A small gathering of VIP's.

Craig Anderson formerly introduced himself as a strong supporter to the group and allowed us to be the first to watch the trailer the "Double The Fist" Season 2 trailer. Uber cool. The series is going to shock a lot of people when this hits on TV screens later this year. It's got robots, sword wielding chicks, gore galore, flying utes, you name it they've managed to squeeze it in there (In my opinion they're going to really blow the Australian film/TV industry out of the water!).

Bryan Moses and Craig Anderson from Fist Worthy Production ( Double The Fist ABC )

I was pretty tense on the night having to facilitate the event. Hell, I'm not use to being the center of attention. But the reception was surprising good and it was great to see various talents and groups and even cultures sit in one room and mingle.

From Left to Right - Mouna Zaylah ( ICE ), Claudia Chiddiac ( PYT ), Craig Anderson and me.

Completely exhausted from the night I'm just relieved that this part of the project is finally done. It's taken at least 3 months to finish the trailer alone ( I hate working with people's scehdules). Now, to finish the darn damn movie!! Cant' wait till September!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ryan Peterson's V-log 4 - Vanessa @ the ABC

The newest V-log by Ryan. Introducing Vanessa ( Played by the lovely Genevieve Clay ), Ryan's new "blockbuster" girlfriend. The funniest V-Log so far.

It occurred to me that many people think that Ryan is actually like that in person? Not really he's far worse than that. haha.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Video - Kung Fu Shuffle

Rumble Pictures did the action for the Martial Arts Comedy.

Basically the first film I've ever collaborated with that so happened to be a Martial Art film. Kung Fu Shuffle was intended to be Tropfest entry to make it to the top.
Requiring to take a significant role in this film, I spent 2 weeks training about 15 actors and the extras and actors before a sweeping two weeks shooting in a Chinatown.

Huge budget cutbacks forced some innovation which i look back in awe. I brought along the Project Vengeance team here ( Wayne Pham & Johnny Nguyen ) to help out with the action.

Also this is the project where we met up with future Rumble filmmaker Rudge Hollis *AWwwww*

Not the toppest film in the world but i had to say the highlight for me in the project was choreographing the fight scenes with the sexy leading ladies. It was awesome to get them to kickass.

Ryan's V-Log 2: Guest starring Dave

It's all about Centerlink, training and ....yes.....girls

Part 1

Part 2

Monday, May 5, 2008

Fight as a dancer?

Completing one of the major Sword fight sequences, things have slowed down heaps since then as Brian has been working at his week day job on his weekends as well. Unable to pound out fight choreo with him, I've been working it out in my head and let me tell it's darn difficult. What you find with fight sequences is that it's very much the same with working out dance sequences. The difference with fight choreo is that you're just working towards beating someone rather than moving in to the music.

I guess another thing to think about fight scenes is that you have to be aware of camera angles than just the movement itself.

Which is quite an interesting thought, my good friend May Wa introduced me to a group of dancers who just won 'America's Best Dance Group' show. Calling themselves the 'Jabbawokkees', these guys are the best dancers I've ever seen- Period!
Watching all their stuff, i realized these guys aren't just technically the best dancers but they're just simply creative geniuses. They are able to utilize all forms of their inspirations to develop a showcase which is inspired, entertaining and always original--- always Jabbawokkeez. From Breaking to Pop-locking to Krumping these guys pull together the right stuff at the right time without having to rely on dazzling the audience with the really technically challenging moves that people expect.

Checkout the Jabbawokkeez rendition of Michael Jackson's PYT. Awesome !

Watching these guys just motivated me and opened my eyes as to what's possible with movement. Hell we only have 2 arms and legs yet we can express ourselves in thousands of ways. Think about it!
Hmmm...hopefully all this understanding helps me out here on the fights. But i tell you one thing, I'm definitely dancing around the house a lot more. Michael Jackson-inspired fight scene? Now that's thinking laterally!!

RP @ Bring It On Youth Fest 08

13-04-08 - Considered one of the biggest youth festivals in Western Sydney. Youths deluged Fairfield City show ground to watch bands, dances, car shows and all the youth related festivities.
In hindsight, youth events are an awesome way for a guy over 20 to feel there age. You most definitely don't feel "with it".

Jane and Ryan vox pop some teens whilst Maria and Rudge pose dramatically in background to encourage a serious atmosphere. No messing around here!

Rumble Pictures was brought along to the event by Community First Step to shoot a consultation video to find about the issues that young people face. We asked questions like what they thought about institutions, their personal aspirations and what they would like to change in the local area.
Relieved to wrap up shoot for the day. We go for some much needed Toyota action.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ryan "Rumble" Petersons 1st V-log

Introducing Rumble's official 1st V-Blog presented by Ryan Peterson.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Rumble General Meeting

11th of April, 2008 - 6.30pm - 7.30pm

Rumble Hang Out @ Olympic Park

10th of April, 2008 - 7.30pm - 10pm.

Even though we didn't get a chance to be reaquainted with our anticipated "Xmen" stuntmen, Tony, May Wa, Tim and myself still enjoyed a progressive session of stunt training in the safe gym environment.

Sorry Tim...couldn't resist posting this one up. Super Saiyan Ts!

Monday, April 14, 2008

The Sponsorship Saga...continues....

10th of April, 2008 - I must admit, 3 days of trekking every nook and cranny of Lil Cabramatta and Canley and Fairfield etc....is a full body workout. Tim was armed and ready with a clipboard and pen to mark each business we visited, while I made sure business owners didn't mistaken for those seeking protection monies.

A few good responses here and there; the majority, however, remained unphased.

Tim and I have decided to wait it off for two weeks and then will....revisit these Asian businesses...

....seeking protection money....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ryan Petersons V-LOG : Behind the Scenes

Here's the behind the scenes look at the new Rumble Pictures fiction based V-log. Starring the bumbling , naive film buff Ryan Peterson (Ryan Peters).

Having first had a blast making the first V-Log just the day before, me and Ryan decided to invite a special guest - Trop fest winner and funny dude --- Craig Anderson. Since meeting up with him late last year we decided to throw him in as Ryan's new Centrelink-bludging Camera apprentice, Dave.

Craig (L) Ryan (R). V-Log will is aimed to be out by the end of April.

Throwing ideas around with each other, It was a riot of a laugh watching them work. Ryan kept breaking out of character due to the insane dialog. And I tell you, Ryan is pretty good in sticking into character.

Craig at the moment is busy helping me out with some of the edits of Maximum Choppage 2 as well working on the 2nd series of ABC's award winning "Double of Fist", which will be out in mid 2008. I got a chance to watch some of the rough edits of show, and so far all i can say is that it's truly out of this world.

Official Double the Fist Website

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Metro Screen Film Industry Event

Date: Tuesday, 8th of April, 2008
Time: 5.30pm-6.30pm
Where: Cnr Oatley St & Paddington Rd

Great event that showcased a selection from 100 of their works produced annually and besides ICE, this organization is one to look out for and study for any emerging film makers out there.

I really enjoyed film works such as:

“Struggle” – Thriller 7 min 59 secs
Innocent man finds a body on the way home and starts receiving threatening phone calls
Writer/ Director – James Hunter
Made in the Cert IV in Screen course

“Natural Selection – Behind the Scenes” – Documentary 5 mins
A behind the scenes look at the making of a short film.
Director: Nicky Crowther

“Aunty Betelenut” – Documentary 8 mins 11 sec
A diverse group of Papua New Guinean women gather to partake in a timeless ritual.
Director: Natasha Henry
Made through the Multicultural Mentorship Scheme.

What I truly appreciated from these works are the high quality and the cuts used to tell the story. Particularly, the film “Aunty Betelenut” unfolded in such as unique way.

MC2 Cabramatta Sponsorship Search

Tuesday, 8th of April, 2008.
Time: 10am-11.30am.
Timothy Ly & Maria Tran

Tim and I decided to veer towards Plan B and directly approach local businesses in search of potential sponsorship. Preparation for Plan B was the result of a un receptive Blacktown Bing Lee who’s manager has diverted us back up to HQ. We knew sponsorship with these guys would be very difficult as they seem very in unwelcoming of the idea.

Anyhow, so on Monday nite from 11pm till 3am in the morning, Tim and I tweaked out a comprehensive sponsorship letter, along with pages of Rumble Pictures in the Media, and our letters of support and printed out the 40 copies to release in Cabramatta the following day.

Summary of the event: Dressed in Rumble gear and ready for action we took the time to deliver our cover letters to businesses like Retravision, tax services, video stores etc…in the hope that we struck a cord with someone out there who is very much interested in funding a “first –ever” project in Australia. We placed letters to 40 businesses including those that have overtly rejected us before. Rejection is harsh but at the end of the day, these are people who make these rejections and are only doing so based on prior bad approaches. So we have to see beyond this; work on building rapport and see where it heads. The least, I hope, we get to stick our flyers on their shopfront window pane for the launch of the Premiere in August.

The reason why we are seeking sponsorship on an amount of roughly $30,000 is to cover post-production costs and for those who do not know, these costs are heavily incurred from the sound department (approx. 10k, for rights to music that isn’t ripped off from somewhere and won’t land us with a lawsuit), the Premiere (catering & venue don’t pay for itself!), DVD distribution (sorry guys, we are stepping up from the level of backyard copies to pro quality) and to cover for some basic expenses that Tim and I are making (trust me, its not enough to compensate for a whole years worth of full time work on a volunteer production).

So for those who think that that $30k will go straight to our bank accounts, you got to be joking! 4 years of work and not deliver the best thing that can ever happen in this area, we might as well drown ourselves.

Friday, March 28, 2008

General Fortnightly Meeting

“The Shed”
28th March, 2008
7pm – 8pm
Rumble General Meeting

Attendance: David Lee, Johnny Jei Le, Rudge Hollis, Jane Lee, Elizabeth Vu, Ryan Peters, Roxie Vuong, Tony Dinh, Brain Lee, My Sang Le, Joseph Dinh, Cuong Tran
Facilitators: Maria Tran & Timothy Ly
Special Guests: “Popper Box” Tak Tran, Tina Tran, Tu Sen Tran.
Apologies: Julian Chung

1.Clean Up Australia Day 08
Roxie Vuong did an update of the event. This year, more garbage was collected to fill up to 20 large garbage bags. Way to go Rumble Pictures!

For the 2007 First Clean Up Australia Day Project, check out: -


2.Update on Maximum Choppage: Round 2
Check out the original "Maximum Choppage"
Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blEi1oetExk
Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTOEPF8tAc0
Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS7_ozIH4Nw
Bloopers - Behind the Scenes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yd6CAiwvKjM
Sponsorships – Tim & Maria have been working extensively in this area. Meeting up with film director Craig Anderson to discuss matters. Currently doing a lot of research, making calls and connects with potential clients.
MC2 Trailer – The Official MC2 Trailer is due to be completed and will be released and promoted in the next month. Tim has slaved away hundreds of hours working and perfecting it.
Sound department – Sound is a very crucial component of the film and so far Tim had recently faced the obstacle of “maximising” the sound to align with the footage. Key partners in this area are Robert Trieu and Zeljko Lazic who will work collaboratively with SAE College to produce the audio to perfection.
Mockumentary – One of Rumble Pictures past projects is a mockumentary (a comedy film genre presented as a documentary recording real life, but is in fact fictional). Australia’s recent big hit was “Summer Heights High” and “The Nominees” done by comedy genius Chris Tilley. Thus, RP was inspired to create their own and react “Behind the Scenes of MC2”. This is due to be release in early April.
MC2 Translations – Vietnamese – Maria Tran initiated this project last year, however, it was faced some ongoing bumps on the road as team members have been dropping out of this project. However, Joseph Dinh, a young Australian-Vietnamese youth representative, member of Vietnamese Student Association and the Vietnamese Graduation Association has volunteered to fulfil the translations role. Dinh speaks a little bit about himself; currently a recent law graduate, emerging MC, fluent in the language of Vietnamese and is passionately pursuing literature and advocacy.

3.Marketing and Promotions
90.1 2 NBC FM Vietnamese Community Radio Interview
When: Tuesday 4th of March, 2008, 9-9.30pm.
Where: 33 Baumans Rd, Peakhurst
The Vietnamese community have a radio program every night on Tuesdays and Thursdays on 90.1 FM. This down-to-earth, bilingual and relaxing radio program touch base with other community organizations and community leaders.

A very nerve wrecking experience for me as it was my first time being interview live on a radio station. The interview was conducted in Vietnamese so I had to encapsulate “Rumble Pictures” to the best of my abilities; retelling the beginnings, the challenges, the community, projects, and the possible future. A couple bloopers here and there but overall it was an exciting experience.

4. Events
Seminar Series: Where do you get it? Funding your arts project.
When: Thursday 27th of March, 2008, 6-8pm.
Where: Performance Studio, Campbelltown Arts Centre, Cnr Campbelltown & Appins Rd, Campbelltown.
Timothy Ly and 1 was at this ICE event to hear out what Arts Council and CCD worker has to say about funding and touching on some of the barriers around funding assessments.

Key speakers included:-
· Dr Paula Abood – Writer, director, community cultural development worker
· Frank Panucci – Director, Community Partnerships, Australia Council for the Arts
· Louise Walsh – Director, Artsupport Australia.

The community partnerships category was still very confusing and I agree with what Dr Abood said about the orgnisation being distant from the artist. Even Director Frank Panucci had admitted that sometimes its who you know that are on the assessing committee.
Louise Walsh from Artsupport Australia (a sector of Arts Council) services was very appealing. They are basically set up to mentor individual and group artists in finding corporate funding, something of which Tim and I are veering towards.
I have booked in a meeting with her on the 21st of April, 2008 to discuss Rumble Pictures case.

4.Project Proposals
Graphics Design Workshop “I-Design”
Preliminary planning stages are underway for a graphics project lead by “Rumble Pictures”. The rationale is the growing number of Rumble members that are skilled or interested in Graphics Design and may want to develop facilitators skills and go on graphics social outings.

New Rumble member, My Le Sang, from Cabramatta will be heading this project and is currently learning the ropes of grant writing and project management.

A steering committee is underway with expression of interests from Johnny Jei Le, Quoc Do & Tuan Tran. Community First Step are interested in developing this project.

Video – Log online series
Inspired by you tube kevjumba’s series of V-Logs, RP are set to explore this area of film. Ryan Peters will head this project.

Closet Romantics Music Video
After the success of the first music video of “Homebound Carriage” screened at youth events “ShortCuts 07” and “WestXpress”, there are plans to collaborate with local rising artists “Closet Romantics” in another music video. This project will be directed by Rudge Hollis.

Check out "Homebound Carriage" Music Video.

5.Upcoming Events
ShortCuts 08 - Western Sydney's premier short film festival for young people, as part of National Youth Week 2008.
When: Friday the 4th of April, 2008.
Where: Fairfield Community Centre, Barbara St (Cnr Harris St) Fairfield
Cost: $5.

Bring It On Festival
When: Saturday, 13th of April, 2008
Where: Fairfield Showground
This year, Rumble Pictures will be submitting a couple of entries including Timothy Ly’s “StreetFu” and launching the Official “Maximum Choppage: Round 2” Trailer. Maria Tran will be submitting “Happy Dent”, a short doco/ fictional film on a 6 year old street kid’s life in Vietnam. Ryan Peters will also be submitting. 2007 Shortcuts winner, Michael Zhu will feature his latest works in a special presentation.

Check out "Street Fu" at

6.Guest Speakers
Emerging arts group “Popper Box”
Collaborative notes from Roxie Vuong, Brian Lee, Jane Lee & Joseph Dinh.
“Popper Box” is a collaborative arts group that have formed sinced November 2007. Members include Matt Huynh, Tak Tran, Tina Tran, William Leong, Helena, Kevin Vo, David Tang & Haline Ly. Most are emerging artists in comics, graphic design, literature, software design etc… and come together as an arts hub to exchange and develop ideas and put them into action. They have completed two projects to date; the first is a is a 2 day large wall paintings that have been recorded and sped up to depict the changing nature of the project; the second, is a night project using LED lights to depict playful images and recorded on a low shutter speed camera. Their future projects will be with Cabravale Leisure Centre.
Check out their website at

7.New member
My-Sang Le is 19 years of age, living in the area of Cabramatta. She graduated from Canley Vale High School in 2006 and is currently studying the combined B Design/B Art Education degree at the College of Fine Arts, UNSW. Le would like to pursue a career in the design industry as a Graphic Designer. She also enjoys photography and teaching students. With Rumble Pictures, Le is in the progress of establishing graphic design workshops to assist and inspire the local youths in the field of Graphics.

Any other news that you will like to include in Rumble Pictures fortnightly meetings about what’s on in the community or about what is happening with you, please email

All information during this event can be followed up on rumblepictures.blogspot.com

Fairfield Forum Promotions

When: 7th Feb, 08 from 6.30 - 9pm
Where: Cnr Station & Ware St, Fairfield.
Attendance: Timothy Ly, Maria Tran, Michael Huynh, Michael Lee & friend, David Ball, Cuong Le, Elizabeth Vu, May Wa Leng. Ryan Peters, Rudge Hollis, Wayne Pham

Rumble Pictures crew embarked on their film promotional event at Fairfield Forum Shopping Centre, promoting their involvement in the Fairfield City Council Cultural Grant and the community. They settled a projector and put their promotional materials to the test (for the first time – stickers!).

From my point of view, it wasn’t the best place for Rumble Promotions as the shopper demographics were a bit off.

However, Rumble Pictures enjoyed the company of our members as well as the Fairfield City Council Grants Officer – Sienna

Vietnamese Tet Festival Promotions

When: 15th/16th Feb from 4pm - 9pm
Where: Warwick Farm Racecourse, Hume Hwy ,Warwick Farm (Opposite KFC)
Attendance: Timothy Ly, Maria Tran, Ryan Peters, Rudge Hollis & May Wa Leng.

Rumble Pictures made an appearance during this late New Year Festival as the Vietnamese Student Association kindly allowed us to display our “Rumble” materials on the first day of the festival. In addition, the Vietnamese Women’s Association provided us with a wall space to showcase our articles, graphics and posters to gallery attendees.
Promotions came to a stand still at the festival stall, however the Rumble Pictures gallery collection raised some good responses amongst the younger demographics.

RP was even reacquainted with Khoa Do and enjoyed a few mug shots with him.
Overall, Rumble Pictures enjoy the fun, food and festivities as members used this event as a chill out session.

Final 2007 Rumble Pictures Meeting

Rumble Pictures
End-of-Year Meeting
Friday 14th December, 2007
Jesus Family Center

A letter from Maria Tran,

Hi there Rumble Member from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I'm currently in Vietnam until the 6th of January, 2008 and having a whole bunch of Rumble Pictures/ MC2 projects to undertake and also loving it. Unfortunately, I cannot be at our very last yearly Rumble Meeting *sniff*, however, that will not deter me from being apart of it J

Vietnam Film Industry Contacts
I've attempted contacted to the following VN film industries and have given them a copy of Rumble Pictures 2007 Showreel (Compilation by T. Ly) and am awaiting for their reply which I was advised could take up to more than a week.
Ho Chi Minh City Film Industry Company
Phuoc Sang Entertainment Corporation
HK Film
Giai Phong Film Industry
But not to worry. The aims of sending their showreel is to get them familiarised with Rumble Pictures and our works and perhaps establish some sort of relationship in future that could be useful for our own future projects. In regards to Johnny Minh Tri, I'm having a hard time tracking this guy down. Apparently, he just left to go back to the states.

MC2 Promotional Materials
Still shopping around for the best deals in terms of poster printing and other merchandise. I'm looking at $10 per poster at the moment and $1.50 on picture printed keyrings and $7 on mugs.

Dust of Life Project
I've been running around trying to get contacts, getting rejected and told off, etcmany of the foundations and NGOs work on very dodgey practices, but after 20 places I've settled for one where I'll be teaching English to the local orphans boys from 7-16 for the last duration of my stay (3ish weeks) at the Mai Am Tan Binh House. I kinda had to bluff my way a bit and say that I teach in Australia. (Which of course I do with Mission Australia and their home english tutoring scheme) hehehe! I've enlisted a Project coordinator?hehehe! And she and I have also been shopping around for books, pencils, paper, toys and wrapping them up for different orphan groups.

Yesterday was first lesson was so nerve racking. It started off 8 kids and at the end of the session I had 20 eager little boys to teach basic introductions and numbers from 1-20. We played games, had little counting competitions, did some number searches and role plays. These kids were so thirsty for knowledge and asked a whole heap of questions about the world, of which, often I'm puzzled myself.

Today (Thursday, 13th) I travelled for 4 hours to visit a what I would say, poverty stricken place. Beggars were everywhere and the amount of provisions I had for them was definitely not enough. I see so many people; missing limbs, unrecognizable human features, I'd listened to some of their stories. Locals have warned me earlier that most are professional beggars and this is what they do for a living. But I knew better. Out of all professions, I think begging isn't something that one would willingly chose. I latter found out that they have a beggar camp where orphan children were taken to, grown till the age of 5 and then had their limbs removed for the sake of their profession? I guess wanting to change the world and facing realism is two different things that I feel so torn apart on. I seriously don't know what to feel anymore, about myself, my abilities on what I can actually possibly do.

Unpolished Gem - By Alice Pung

Just as a sideliner note, I've been reading this great novel by Melbourne lawyer/ writer and it is fantastic material and insight into the Asian-Australian experience. It contains pages after pages of funny little typical Asian?moments that I can definitely identify with.

Maximum Choppage: Round 2
Just a reminder to all that MC2, project made by founder T. Ly and shared amongst all, is on the road to completion. Its been a long and hard journey with so many obstacles, challenges, long long shoots, in which, both cast and crews have so dedicated themselves to. Sometimes it may feel all hopeless; and that the end seems impossible, however, keep in mind that this project aims to create epicness out of nothingness?
Epicness includes, building our film empire outside the Aussie Film industry, being the first true Australian Suburban Action Martial arts film.
Nothingness entails, shot with no-budget (doesn't go lower than this!), reliance on volunteers to run production from A-Z (From my research, there has never been a production that has run for 4 years that main blood source are the volunteers, btw, by nothingness I mean that volunteers are unconventional used in this area), produced in south-west Sydney Cabramatta (hardly anything positive imaged projects has come from this area), youth-orientated all the way! (young people are often stereotype as be incapable of a grand scale project).
Personally, MC2 is like getting a waiter to do brain surgery. We are all riding against the conventions placed before us and we will see MC2 through!

Signing off, I want to say have a great and wonderful Christmas. Its been a wonderful and magical year, and on behalf of the Rumble Core Members, thank you for dedicated your time and efforts, no matter how big or small to the shoots, other projects, taking on roles and/or turning up to our meetings. I look forward to see you all again next to launch Rumble Pictures 4-year-old baby project MC2!