Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The premiere of Maximum Choppage: Round 2 ---September 2008

Opening night of Australia's first Kung Fu film --- Maximum Choppage : Round 2
25th September 2008

The 25th of September will forever sear in my mind as one of the most nerve racking night of my life. Four years of blood and sweat finally concluding in 75 minutes.

Big names were coming. People from the Film Television Office, Craig Anderson and gang, Khoa Do, Actors, local filmmakers and all the Rumble Crew; they were all here to see what 4 years and bunch of kids with pipe dreams were made of. Nervous yes, but I wasn't the only one though.
On the Rumblers side, I found that the crew were in much of the sweats as I was. Rob was shaking ( literally ). Maria was frittering around trying to make sure everything was on course. Ryan was spitting more jokes than he could to keep him relaxed.

L to R --- Quoc Do ( RP webmaster ), Jane Lee ( Sword Chick #1 ), Michael Huynh ( Editorials ), David Tran ( Little Brother )

Sooner then you know it. The crowd rolled in. The credits kick in. I sunk into my seat feeling like I shouldn't be there. Feeling like I want to black out. Instead the lights do.

Applause erupts as the end credits roll.

"Fun" "awesome" "Funny" "congratulations". I shake it off...but the words come again and again; The film it's,--it's GOOD!?!

So many blushing comments on the night with people aghast on how far we pushed the limits of this Western Sydney No budget Kung Fu Film. We did it. A shining moment for Rumble Pictures.

The Rumble Pictures Crew rock on stage after the screening. There's more but apparently people have things to do on a Thursday night.

Over the course of the screenings, with so many comments I think the greatest ones I treasured the most were the ones from my family. For all my life, I've felt like I've owed something to my siblings and my parents. I've never felt I've like I'd ever have opportunity to give something back to them; That 23 years of this kids life meant something to them. All the money in the world couldn't compensate their love and support.

After it was screened to the family though; The smiles on their faces. I knew I hit on something.

Especially my dad. A major inspiration I must say for all the action that I love today. To get that thumbs up and the family grin from him, made me darn warm on the inside.

Shout out to all those involved in the production. The actors for their patience ( Roxy, Cuong, Robbo, Brian, David). The crew for their passion ( Rudge, Ryan). My bro Maria for her limitless enthusiasm. All those guys who helped out here and there. This is yours as much as it is mine!

So what now? More Screenings. More films to look forwards to? More challenges!
I believe this will be a defining new age for RP. We did this for Western Sydney, for the Asian Australians, the Australians and just for any person who thought they couldn't make anything of themselves cause they didn't think they have what it takes. We are you guys! And we're here to represent!

And thank YOU for hoping in us and cheering us on!

God bless and Rumble on!

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