Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Rumble goes on the new Fat Pizza Set

On a rather dull Monday, 20th of October 2008...
Me and Tim finally got to appear in a shoot together... im sure it ment nothing to him, but i was something to me since he wasnt kicking my masked ninja ass this time around.

I think it was 4pm, we meet at the secret location of the fictional courier company Swift and Shift, although the "f" fell off in Shift and the logo was then Shi t we still knew we were in the right place cause Pauly was there.

We discovered Habib's Hat. Hey Youleh!

Pauly who most of you would know is the dude in and behind FAT PIZZA
Apparently they are giving that series a rest or something and trying this delivery company thing. He was pretty much the same character though.
And I must point out that this is actually the same story line as FUTURAMA, Fry was working at a pizza joint before he went 1000 years into the future and into planet express, an intergalactic courier...

No longer Fat Pizza but "Swift And Shift"

Anyway to my surprise I realized he was shorter... yeh I'm taller! Also his real voice isnt as squeaky and is a lot deeper than his character.
But he still is one of my heroes, great guy, funny, inspiring etc. though I must say his round the world da Vinci pizza series were pretty lame and only uses the budget to travel the world… still that’s genius and I would do that too…

Me Paulie and Tim.

In the scene we were in, me and Tim were teamed up in a rather dodgy multicultural gang. There were islanders, aboriginals I assume and of course Asian rumbleness. Together we stole paulys bike and then beat him up... though really all we did was look at him angrily and he will probably edit in rumbling sounds after fading to black.

Anyway, the way um choco productions does it isn’t to different to us poor film makers, simple set up, no tripod and minimal crew... it also felt kinda dangerous.

- Jack Ngu

Checkout SBS online to see the episodes.


LINX said...

My apologies (although its too late to 'pologize) for the grammar and wording...

I can write better, but its moar fun dis way.


Jei said...

lol awesome fun