Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back again?!

Goodness it's been a while working on this Blog.

Forgive me, If I can make it up it to you guys I'll just let you know Its been quite a thrill spiritually and filmic-wise; Roller coaster ride of emotions I would like to call it.

To come down to it I've been focusing on developing Rumble as a super force to be dominated by. Focusing on series of projects which I believe that will forge Rumble as a reputable film production house as well as working towards skill up those members- Me including. A big change has been set in motion...but one warmly received.

Music Videos, TV projects, Feature films. There's much to play with.

I'm pumped. Because I've got a new baby to play with now. And it's different. Very different.
I'm working on a gangster film! Hooya!

Keeping it short. Just letting you know I'm back.heh

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