Friday, March 28, 2008

Vietnamese Tet Festival Promotions

When: 15th/16th Feb from 4pm - 9pm
Where: Warwick Farm Racecourse, Hume Hwy ,Warwick Farm (Opposite KFC)
Attendance: Timothy Ly, Maria Tran, Ryan Peters, Rudge Hollis & May Wa Leng.

Rumble Pictures made an appearance during this late New Year Festival as the Vietnamese Student Association kindly allowed us to display our “Rumble” materials on the first day of the festival. In addition, the Vietnamese Women’s Association provided us with a wall space to showcase our articles, graphics and posters to gallery attendees.
Promotions came to a stand still at the festival stall, however the Rumble Pictures gallery collection raised some good responses amongst the younger demographics.

RP was even reacquainted with Khoa Do and enjoyed a few mug shots with him.
Overall, Rumble Pictures enjoy the fun, food and festivities as members used this event as a chill out session.

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