Tuesday, April 8, 2008

MC2 Cabramatta Sponsorship Search

Tuesday, 8th of April, 2008.
Time: 10am-11.30am.
Timothy Ly & Maria Tran

Tim and I decided to veer towards Plan B and directly approach local businesses in search of potential sponsorship. Preparation for Plan B was the result of a un receptive Blacktown Bing Lee who’s manager has diverted us back up to HQ. We knew sponsorship with these guys would be very difficult as they seem very in unwelcoming of the idea.

Anyhow, so on Monday nite from 11pm till 3am in the morning, Tim and I tweaked out a comprehensive sponsorship letter, along with pages of Rumble Pictures in the Media, and our letters of support and printed out the 40 copies to release in Cabramatta the following day.

Summary of the event: Dressed in Rumble gear and ready for action we took the time to deliver our cover letters to businesses like Retravision, tax services, video stores etc…in the hope that we struck a cord with someone out there who is very much interested in funding a “first –ever” project in Australia. We placed letters to 40 businesses including those that have overtly rejected us before. Rejection is harsh but at the end of the day, these are people who make these rejections and are only doing so based on prior bad approaches. So we have to see beyond this; work on building rapport and see where it heads. The least, I hope, we get to stick our flyers on their shopfront window pane for the launch of the Premiere in August.

The reason why we are seeking sponsorship on an amount of roughly $30,000 is to cover post-production costs and for those who do not know, these costs are heavily incurred from the sound department (approx. 10k, for rights to music that isn’t ripped off from somewhere and won’t land us with a lawsuit), the Premiere (catering & venue don’t pay for itself!), DVD distribution (sorry guys, we are stepping up from the level of backyard copies to pro quality) and to cover for some basic expenses that Tim and I are making (trust me, its not enough to compensate for a whole years worth of full time work on a volunteer production).

So for those who think that that $30k will go straight to our bank accounts, you got to be joking! 4 years of work and not deliver the best thing that can ever happen in this area, we might as well drown ourselves.

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The Weasel said...

I think this is an important aspect which you can't ignore even if you choose not to spend that much. You don't get paid what you deserve, but I hope you will one day soon.
I hope this is constructive. Please let me know if it isn't.