Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ryan Petersons V-LOG : Behind the Scenes

Here's the behind the scenes look at the new Rumble Pictures fiction based V-log. Starring the bumbling , naive film buff Ryan Peterson (Ryan Peters).

Having first had a blast making the first V-Log just the day before, me and Ryan decided to invite a special guest - Trop fest winner and funny dude --- Craig Anderson. Since meeting up with him late last year we decided to throw him in as Ryan's new Centrelink-bludging Camera apprentice, Dave.

Craig (L) Ryan (R). V-Log will is aimed to be out by the end of April.

Throwing ideas around with each other, It was a riot of a laugh watching them work. Ryan kept breaking out of character due to the insane dialog. And I tell you, Ryan is pretty good in sticking into character.

Craig at the moment is busy helping me out with some of the edits of Maximum Choppage 2 as well working on the 2nd series of ABC's award winning "Double of Fist", which will be out in mid 2008. I got a chance to watch some of the rough edits of show, and so far all i can say is that it's truly out of this world.

Official Double the Fist Website

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The Weasel said...

Were those eyes photo shopped?