Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ABC JTV “Kiss, Kiss, Kick Punch!” Film Project

I’d just thought I’d do some blogging for the sake of it. Actually, blogging is a great exercise to keep up to date what is happening in your life – well revolving around the film projects. Okies….for those who don’t know, Rumble Pictures has come a long way (or short in terms of time span) from backyard short film to a film project with the ABC mentored by Craig Anderson! In addition, its scheduled to be aired some time in November 2008 this year! Nationally! It’s a really exciting time of the year for the Rumble gang as we set ourselves up for the shoot dates at the end of August.

Just a note, it is very hard to get the attention of the film industry. Stand in front of their build stark naked and don’t expect even a winch. If you are normal, you would get into film school, graduate, and start entry level (basic crappy jobs – free work) and slowly prove yourself up the ladder in different departments. Or after film school, work at Maccas for years to save up for equipment to start your own company – doing other people’s work – weddings at the bottom, commercials at the high end. But at the end of the day, creative control my be something you fortfeit for this kind of life. It suxs. Film suxs. In Australia of course. Back to the ABC gig, after the Tony Walters meet in regards to “Happy Dent” winning the Fairifeld Shortcuts Film Festival, it was the perfect opportunity to showcase Rumble Pictures showreel. Project Vegeance did it mostly. JTV producer Josh Martin basically proposed an offered which I was much unaware of. A martial arts 6 part series for JTV to be aired in 6 weeks segments! OMG! Are you asking a bunch of learn-on-the-fly-film-buffs from Western Sydney? I can just imagine those AFTRS and Film students kicking and screaming. I’d just thought…man! I’m glad I got into martial arts…but even gladder that I can applied it to film.

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The Weasel said...

winch, wink .. it'll happen .. I don't know how or when, but you guys are doing it all right .. making good choices.