Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rumble Update

Kung Fu Comedy “Maximum Choppage: Round 2”
With only less than a month till the launch, I’m in charge of the marketing and promotions or the 4 night launch from the 25 – 28 September, 08.
After several brainstorming sessions with the Rumble Crew at “The Shed” Youth Centre, we have decided to expand our invite to as many relevant orgs, groups, people etc… who may be interested in a feature film like this one.

To this date, “Mary” has designed a wicked-as postcard flyer and is completing a Movie poster. She is definitely a prodigy. We will be printing them on 5,000 postcards and A3 posters and legally spam our networks.

MC2MOVIE.COM UPDATED - Johnny Jei Lei – our website designer of MC2 has refurbished the site, making it more dynamic and movie like! Well done Johnny! With host of new vids/media/info.

I’d just had my first ADR session last Thursday, and boy, was it a tough one! Just for those who don’t know, MC2 initially shot on sony handcams that had very very horrible audio, thus, Tim had decided to invest in a huge amount of time in redoing audio. Tough call, especially to get all the actors to align their schedules and travel to the city (45 mins away) and spend 6 hours doing audio. But when it gets to the fight sound effects, its heaps fun! Brian Lee, aka “The Champ” has impeccable timing in ADR however, at times he also made laughable mistakes.

Other things that I’ve been focusing on is the longevity of MC2. MC2 is an Australian first….thus I believe in its implications in the greater community and a source of inspiration for young people everywhere. I aim for the national tour and have been looking into the Kultour Program even though they don’t have a film component. But we’ll see how it goes!

Hanging out with Mr Grant Page – Australia’s legendary Stuntsperson
At the young age of 69, this man is still in the stunts arena. I and fellow ICE colleague Ali Kadhim and his 9 Lives crew were invited in Mr Page’s home in Avalon to check out some Zen Stunts team safely set themselves on fire. I’d didn’t realise how hard and dangerous it is to undertake stunts. On top of that, the Stunts industry in Australia is very small. Many have to travel abroad to pursue their stunts career and you pretty much have to be an adrenalin junkie or something to preservere.

I had a good chance to have small chat with Mr Ranko Markovic – producer of “The Cedar Boys”. A very interesting character with a lot of experience in his role. I hope to get a chance to meet him again to chat more about genres and funding.

9Lives Ali Kadhim’s Parkour Launch
Check out 9Lives site

Stephen Ta’s Sexy MC2 Photography
You gotta love Stephen’s photography work for the MC2 poster. With a little bit of emu oil and an eye for ‘selling” shots, Mr Ta has captured the characters of MC2 very well. Ta is our recent “Rumbler” and a film maker with a couple of awesome shorts under his belt and tonnes of work experience with Sunrise 7.

Maximum Choppage: Round 2 Behind the Scenes Mockomentary
I think we’ll leave mockos to Chris Lilley as our Rumble audience had a hard time deciphering that this is not how Rumble works - quite the opposite. Ryan Peters isn’t that incompetent, Tim’s not arrogant & I’m not that ditzy. Haha! Please LOL!

“Downtown Rumble” project update.
“Kiss, kiss, kick, punch!” is now being replaced with the voted on “Downtown Rumble” title.
From our meet, we workshopped the following titles: Kung Fu Tustle, Master of the Mystical Orbs, Ninja Showdown etc…I like Downtown Rumble…:p

Just a low down of this project, basically, it’s a 6 part interstitial TV mini series made for the ABC JTV that may be aired in November, 08.

Tagline: Chase sequence of stolen magical orbs between master, students and a group of ninjas!

This project is very exciting for Rumblers and has drawn a number of new faces and talents from across Western Sydney and interstate Brisbane!
In addition, Rumblers had a great opportunity to collaborate with Parkour artists 9Lives and filmmaker and emerging stunts coordinator Ali Kadhim.

Speaking of interstate Rumblers, I would like to introduce to you all two film buffs and passionate filmmakers; Bill Giang & Laurent Boiteux.

Bill Giang is 26 years of age, and resides in Mt Gravatt, Brisbane. Giang is currently studying a Bachelor of Multimedia/ Design and works as a casual university tutor/ lecturer and for after hours, works at a games arcade. He is a practitioner and trainer in martial arts, specialising in Tae Kwon Do, since 2002. He has made several short films, including the visual effects trailer “Jikoken’o” and has assisted on various film productions with stunt coordination. Giang loves doing things that he enjoy and hopes that he can continue collaborations beyond his area.

Laurent Boiteux is 20 years of age, and resides in Sunnybank, Brisbane. Boiteux has recently completed a Diploma of Film & Television from TAFE, has had various acting and screening experiences on the pilot TV series “SoulKeeper”. Boiteux also works at the same gaming arched as Bill Giang and is a strong practitioner in Tae Kwon Do since the age of 5 and recently has commenced WuShu Kung Fu. He has had taken lead as director/ writer of short films such as, experimental “Full Moon”, sci-fi spy thriller “ Escape from Tomorrow”, recent music clip “Versus” and “Orb//-Toxy”. Boiteux aspires to collaborate with strong youth productions who have interests in the martial arts urban action genre.

Shoot of Episode 1 – Intro to the master and ex-student fight

Shoot of Episode 5 – Ninja Warehouse Scene


The Weasel said...

Excellent stuff. I like the title name. I'm told Maria is the star, but she doesn't do enough fighting .. yet. Just remember to use the fist, not the face. The rest takes care of itself. I'm glad I'm far away while typing this.

blover said...
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gang banger said...

mmm... seems like yet another huge show reel for the ever charismatic Ly..... love the lime light... love th game eh ?

gang banger said...

why is every movie always about one dude ..... ?

gang banger said...

seems... to be a huge trailer and publicity stunt for no other person than the charismatic Ly....

blover said...
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blover said...

I agree with gangbanger! what's up with this? why is it always focused on that guy? no budget? hmmmm

blover said...

If it's no budget then why is there a need for sponors and donations? Do the actors get paid?

blover said...

what's up with the poster? where are the other characters? seems like its only focused on the one person!

chubbychick said...

yeh .. there is sponsorship..? grants? what is the story... hope people are been thanked some how for their time.. ooo.. caaaash

chubbychick said...

nah.. pay with love... the best thing sin life are free.. actually.. why is it the original rumble crew is no longer still there... mm... disgruntled employees? no no .. no one got paid... at least slaves get paid..

blover said...

does this guy thinks his gonna go to hollywood? well with this attitude i dont think he will go very far! get over yourselves!

x9686 said...

lol you guys are such losers leave your comments some were else yeah. Go start you own production company and then maybe what you say might hold some substance. Oh and are you really that stupid we do KUNG FU films.

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Wow all of 2 haters and one disgruntled fat chick. Nice. Tim love you bro and the edit for our ABC tv series is looking awesome I'll get you to come in and help with some cuts. ltz

blover said...

x9686 you dont even know the half of it dude! and this blog thing is for others to leave comments and feedback it is an open forum where people can voice their opinions! this is not hating just telling it like it is!