Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Getting ready... to rumble!

Yup was a slow start towards the beginning of the year, with a couple of projects here and there and just testing the waters with a number of different of alternative things. But we are now in mid June and i can definitely feel that things are about to go beyond the simmering stages.

Timmy has done a good job of building connections and relationships through existing projects such as those in the music video scene and of course building strong alliances with other budding production companies to work on win-win projects. I can tell you for certain that there is no turning back once the ball get rolling *without giving too much away (or anything)*.

On may end, international markets are hard to break through, not impossible, but very closed up for the time being with the economic crisis but I can safely say that there is a handful of go links that may prove useful for the upcoming projects Rumble is heading for.

To other good news, Timmy, Andy and I will be somewhat apart of Tony Ayres and Rachael Swain's production "Shanghai Ladykillers" playing roles of "assassins" and "gang henchmens" which is a really cool thing if this physical Team Rumble will get some future travels together around Ozland for this production.

Securing some future screenings in SA, WA, NT have been somewhat a time consuming process and I'm still following up whether MR Kevin Rudd will give us his feedback on the film (I've got 20 copies to go so I will continue to send one each to his office every month until he gives some feedback).

Okies. Better sign off.

Maria Tran

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