Monday, August 10, 2009


Whilst in the midst of writing up Maximum Choppage: TV series, I find my self countless hours looking at walls trying to figure out stories and ideas and have found that.... the dreaded "Creative Block" has reared its ugly little head. (Bear this update as it will lack commentry.)

I'm wondering what I can do to stave off some of this. Talking a few brilliant people in the field they seem to take creative walks as a way of synthesizing ideas. Theorizing it as more of a distraction, I have to admit it's far more better than what I've thought of so far.

I've been involved in a couple of music videos so far, working with Ryan Peters as a director on the Hip Hop Video from "Electric Elements" and the upcoming music video "My Heart Stops" which I'm not sure what the artists names are. Oddly I never got around to asking. Funky music. Expect nurses and council workers.

Overall for music videos it has been a fun ride so far. I'm looking forward to producing more in future, as it seems to be the year for it.

The "Ricky Cheng" documentary will be starting late August with much anticipation. A few of the guys have been looking forward to doing something entirely different. This will be a nice change as we'll be following a former gangster from Cabramatta over the couple of weeks.

Marie Setiwan is currently writing up a pitch for Downtown Rumble 2. Rumble's ninja sequel.
Turning out really exciting.

*yawn*. More updates next time.

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