Monday, May 5, 2008

Fight as a dancer?

Completing one of the major Sword fight sequences, things have slowed down heaps since then as Brian has been working at his week day job on his weekends as well. Unable to pound out fight choreo with him, I've been working it out in my head and let me tell it's darn difficult. What you find with fight sequences is that it's very much the same with working out dance sequences. The difference with fight choreo is that you're just working towards beating someone rather than moving in to the music.

I guess another thing to think about fight scenes is that you have to be aware of camera angles than just the movement itself.

Which is quite an interesting thought, my good friend May Wa introduced me to a group of dancers who just won 'America's Best Dance Group' show. Calling themselves the 'Jabbawokkees', these guys are the best dancers I've ever seen- Period!
Watching all their stuff, i realized these guys aren't just technically the best dancers but they're just simply creative geniuses. They are able to utilize all forms of their inspirations to develop a showcase which is inspired, entertaining and always original--- always Jabbawokkeez. From Breaking to Pop-locking to Krumping these guys pull together the right stuff at the right time without having to rely on dazzling the audience with the really technically challenging moves that people expect.

Checkout the Jabbawokkeez rendition of Michael Jackson's PYT. Awesome !

Watching these guys just motivated me and opened my eyes as to what's possible with movement. Hell we only have 2 arms and legs yet we can express ourselves in thousands of ways. Think about it!
Hmmm...hopefully all this understanding helps me out here on the fights. But i tell you one thing, I'm definitely dancing around the house a lot more. Michael Jackson-inspired fight scene? Now that's thinking laterally!!


The Weasel said...

You have only got two arms?

The Weasel said...

It is an old Jack Handey joke, that story about boxers being like dancers. Only in boxing the dancers hit each other. Hard.