Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Video - Kung Fu Shuffle

Rumble Pictures did the action for the Martial Arts Comedy.

Basically the first film I've ever collaborated with that so happened to be a Martial Art film. Kung Fu Shuffle was intended to be Tropfest entry to make it to the top.
Requiring to take a significant role in this film, I spent 2 weeks training about 15 actors and the extras and actors before a sweeping two weeks shooting in a Chinatown.

Huge budget cutbacks forced some innovation which i look back in awe. I brought along the Project Vengeance team here ( Wayne Pham & Johnny Nguyen ) to help out with the action.

Also this is the project where we met up with future Rumble filmmaker Rudge Hollis *AWwwww*

Not the toppest film in the world but i had to say the highlight for me in the project was choreographing the fight scenes with the sexy leading ladies. It was awesome to get them to kickass.

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The Weasel said...

This is too good not to display as your work. Excellent stuff.