Monday, May 5, 2008

RP @ Bring It On Youth Fest 08

13-04-08 - Considered one of the biggest youth festivals in Western Sydney. Youths deluged Fairfield City show ground to watch bands, dances, car shows and all the youth related festivities.
In hindsight, youth events are an awesome way for a guy over 20 to feel there age. You most definitely don't feel "with it".

Jane and Ryan vox pop some teens whilst Maria and Rudge pose dramatically in background to encourage a serious atmosphere. No messing around here!

Rumble Pictures was brought along to the event by Community First Step to shoot a consultation video to find about the issues that young people face. We asked questions like what they thought about institutions, their personal aspirations and what they would like to change in the local area.
Relieved to wrap up shoot for the day. We go for some much needed Toyota action.

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