Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Downtown Rumble' Behind the Scenes - So far

Here's a behind the scenes look of the JTV TV series.

Currently still under production with about 50% left to go. *I'm going nuts trying to finish MC2 and get DTR fight choreography all finished*

Watch how funny man Director Ryan Peters, struggles to keep his sense of humor under the weight of all the stress. And how Mr D.O.P Rudge Hollis seems to looks hotter than all the stars of the film combined.

Production Showreel. Edited by Maria Tran.

Production Blog. Produced by Bill Giang and Laurent Boiteax.

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Mr8ill said...

Just in case anyone was wondering about the BGM used in the production blog...

First song
Artist: ただ 昭文 (Tada Akifumi)
Song title: Battle Time Up!
Album: Ueki no Housuku OST - The Law of Music!

Second song
Artist: Tatsh feat. 加奈子 星の (Kanako Hoshino)
Song title: 月光 (Gekkou)
Album: beatmania IIDX12 HAPPY SKY OST