Saturday, September 27, 2008

More Rumble Reviews!!!!

From Johnny Jei Lei, 27 Sept
Hey guys,

I just want to start off by saying - awesome!

The humour was classic and the kung fu was excellent - what a great combination! I haven't seen a great funny Aussie-made film in ages, probably since The Castle, and Strange Bed Fellows - and MC2 was shot without a budget! Imagine if we actually had money!!!!!

I've only been on the project for about a year now, and my what a journey! I remember sitting next to Tim 6 months ago working on the post production and I already knew then that this film was going to be something special. It wasn't "ha ha" funny, it was "HAHA THIS IS FUCKEN HILARIOUS" funny.

But the most awesome thing is that all this was made in our part of the country. We've had some negative light in the past, but now its our turn to shine. We've had great talent from this area like, comic artist Matt Huynh and his PopperBox clan; fashion designer Akina; and now Rumble! What's next? I don't know, but I'm excited to find out.

Anyhow, it's been an honour helping you guys realise the dream, and for what happens next I'm sure we'll support Rumble in whatever way we can.

Lastly, to the man who started it all - Tim. Thanks mate for the passion, the drive and the determination for chasing your dream. Imagine if you still worked at 3! Rumble would've never existed and we would've all been strangers.


From Lisa Dieu, 27 Sept
heyy everybody!!

haha im all new to rumble and only joined earlier this yr LOL!
i only contributed to a days work of rumble so i acnt really call myself a RP member
(but i was in the credits! wooooooo~ haha thanks tim LOL )

but all i can say is the movie was absolutely AWESOME BABYY!!
rob da fob was a crack up with all his freshie lines!
the fighting was hectik and all the cinematography were well thought!- good job!

cuong's actin..was haha.. seemed monotone LMAO but nonetheless it was good overall.

and MARIA! lol i saw u inda viet papers.. i was like MUM!! i noe her!! lol
andi think u wer in the apex paper too. well done!

anyway i enjoyed myself that night!
good job team and maria and tim especially

From Michael Lee, 27 Sept
Can't wait for part III! :)

It's really great what you guys do! Showing what south west is all about, not just another slum. I couldn't stop laughing. Man Rob da Fob you rock. lol
Go tim and Maria and the Rumble Crew.
Keep it up aye. Guys like you make me proud to live in southwest!!!

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The Weasel said...

On 2GB, Ray Hadley's show for 11am, the highest rating show in Australia, I got them to announce what you guys were doing. They were very excited. That was Thursday morning. I knew the movie would be good. I didn't dare believe it was as good as it was .. and Maria .. that was a great performance ..