Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Rumble Pictures Meeting

Date: 8th of September, 2008 7.15-9pm
Present: Johnny Jei Lei, Stephen Tan, Quoc Do, Quoc Trinh, Jack Ngu.

Another Rumble meeting tonight. In the meantime, Tim & Ryan are working like busy bees in the city doing another ADR sound session.

It ain’t easy being Rumble Pictures, while I guess we are great inspirations to many people; young and old, we ourselves have to source our inspirations to continue the momentum.

Tonight’s meet was a tight one. All I did was to hand out the flyers and designate places that these peeps can circulate it. So far, uni NSW, UWS – Penrith has been set down and Quoc brought up some cool marketing strategies of just putting them on cafĂ© tables and lecturers mailbox to get the word out. That’s what we want and are aiming because we have spent too long to get to this position and to drop it all.

I had fun with these small chat with the boys, discussing dreams and aspirations and future film projects. We came round to doing a little research online as Stephen pressed on “SPL”.

I kept on reiterating, “Securing the connections for Rumble to lead a feature film before 25”. “Why not 30?” Asked Stephen. “Because we can do this by 25!’
Man! Sometimes I think that things I say, I hope will come into fruition. To insure this, I must always be on my toes and on the lookout of potentials and opportunities for Rumble to get that step closer.

By the way, 16 days to go till the launch to “Maximum Choppage: Round 2” and boy…do I feel sorry for people who will be missing out. Basically we just got our flyers a few days ago and prior to this, we are reaching maxed out capacity. So 5, 000 flyers seems to be useless. But maybe, we can be “Asian” about it and reuse it for the “Asia Week” screenings…..

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Anonymous said...

Aspirations are good.

Harder-to-reach aspirations are even better.