Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost 1/2 Way thru the Screenings

Wow..surreal....Maximum Choppage: Round 2 is mid way in its screenings.....

Here are some things others are been saying.....

From Maria Tran 26 Sept.

Dear Rumblers,

Wow! I'm blown away....Finally...our Rumble Team has finally finished
"Maximum Choppage: Round 2" and seeing on the creased
screen...epic...the orgasmic to my ears and the action?
Full throttle!
Like Timmy my bro had said...its surreal....for me, the comedy was
hilarious! Shout out to "Rob the Fob" and his memorable comments
"Let's busy time!". Timmy - your final performance was heart rendering
and "The Champ" final showdown was awesome!

The event went smoothe with an awesome gallery space and photos and a
feedback space.

So only Friday, Saturday, & Sunday to go everyone!

If possible, can I get some feeback from all Rumble attendees of the
movie? What did you like about? What genres would you describe it as?
What kinds of films is MC2 similar to? Which characters/ scenes is you

From Quoc Trinh Sept 26
haha maria had her first orgasm during the premier lol

criticism wise i don't think u should've used a bible for the book or at least you shouldn't show the title of it, more specifically when rob the fob steps on it and trips over during the sis lil bro fight. its just that u sometimes get hardcore christians/catholics who might get offended by that sorta stuff (stepping on the bible) and considering there's apparently a lot of old people on the sunday premier thats probably something u might have to look out for.

other than that i really enjoyed it man it was hilarious hahaha i guess to me rob was the standout character but i've heard otherwise, the sis + lil bro duo were probably the coolest, and the champ went down too fast in my opinion lol, and i like how tim's character was humble about his abilities and only fights at full potential when really necessary. the funniest shot would have to be the chase sequence, kinda reminds me of buster keaton lol

unfortunately maria never found us earlier otherwise i would've loved to work on it too XD

and after watching that im even more pumped into making the next one haha starting to get ideas already XD

anyway looking forward to making lots of films with you guys keep up the awesome work and one day there'll be a big studio in hollywood or something with "Rumble Pictures" written across the main gate =D


From Timothy Ly Sept 26


No big deal. We'll get some controversy.

Yeah I could of worked out that fight longer.

I guess it's a new beginning for RP.

Great work peeps! And be sure to represent and wear your Rumble shirts on the upcoming nights.
From Julian Chung Sept 26

Goooo RUMBLE!!! =D

The opening scene...shots of the Champ and temple...that's hot! Oh and the sunlight hrmm...hehe.

Awww....the last scene 'hands' cute! and a crack up! Hahahaahaha.

The hair...short one moment...long the other...fringe one fringe another hehehe continuity, that's just me picking on Tim..but totally understandable over four years span of shooting!

Great job Mr Action D & Miss Chatter Promoter ;) and Cast & Crew!!!!!!!

Lets enjoy our next three nights =D Gooooo Rumble!!!!

M: 0413 235 177

From Roxie Vuong Sept 26

heheh lol- yeah i can't sleep either though i've gotten the rumble fever a day later

yes definitely the whole thing was really quite amazing- like a jigsaw puzzle- it must have been crazy piecing all the different/multiple scenes together to make it somehow look like its all in a day's work. the film itself is a testament not only to various hair changes but also the production values and how much that has strengthened throughout MC2

yay! can't wait for the rest of the screenings and of course- number 3 woohooo

ready to rumble? :)

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