Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MC2 Promotions - Taken From Quoc Do

[Sorry Quoc...I'd just wanted the whole world to know the good job you are doing for the promos of MC2]

Hey guys, (email from Quoc Do to the Rumble Team)

Just letting you know everything went swell and I managed to get rid of all the flyers. The reactions I got from the people I gave flyers to personally were that of genuine enthusiasm that even I didn't expect to receive. Some seemed excited and even asked for some more flyers to pass over to friends. Some laughed (In a positive way). I also gave a few to lecturers, they also seemed highly interested. One congratulated on the development, another even saying he had roots stemming from the Fairfield School of Arts. Overall, it was an energetic response to find the best single word.

The rest of the flyers I placed on car window screens. Whether or not this is seen as effective or not I am not sure, however, I can say that I did manage to cover one whole lot and a half and later returned to find but none had been disregarded and thrown to the floor (I think I saw one).

Anyway, this keen reaction from the people has actually charged me up for the Premiere. Looking forward to it.


Quoc Do.


Anonymous said...

Good work, son!

Michael said...

Woot, Woot.

Premiere time!

chubbychick said...

hope all is well.. seems to be some peopel that have been ripped off by the good peeps at rumble...

chubbychick said...

why is rumble getting cash grants but not paying for the actors and crews hard work.. whooooa ... this is one pretty cool business!! tax free too :)

Mike H said...


Please inherit a bit more common sense before you criticise the team at Rumble Pictures.

I shouldn't need to explain this to you seeing that you don't seem to know what Rumble Pictures stands for first and foremost. Nonetheless I shall take the time out for retribution.

Rumble Pictures is a community organisation. In no way have we ever implied ourselves as a "business" or a monopolistic body. Rumble Pictures originated from a group of passionate filmmakers who volunteered their own time to creating films. We are no different today except that we are now a broader artist collective.

Finally, council and private grants DO NOT go towards "special members'" pockets genius. Every cent(which is tracked and verified by the grantor) goes into producing the film itself, that is: film and audio equipment, studio time for editing and recording, promotions and advertsing, catering, transport and so on.

If it were that easy to pocket grants, I think centrelink would go broke. Volunteers nominate their expertise in exchange for exposure to the Australian film/media industry - something that RP has worked extremely hard to finally tap into.

If you have any further LEGITIMATE queries, please feel free to drop me a line. Rest assured RP isn't slipping me cash to talk to detractors like yourself. I've been doing it for 4 years on a voluntary basis. Why?

Because I can.

Maria Tran said...

Chubbychick did you create an account just to leave a comment as such? You could of just contact the Rumble Team and we would have happily discussed this further with you.
By the way, thank you Rumble Member Michael for you response.

Business? hahahaha...Sorry chubbychick but it seems you just don't quite understand how much blood and sweat the Rumble Team had to exert just to get to where we are.

Rumble Pictures is a creative hub for any individuals who would like to use this as an avenue to showcase their talents as such.

As you can see, there's no Hugh Jackamans or Nicole Kidmans but many people who want to break it into the industry.

And as for the a little bit of money to run our meetings, repair equipment, buy neccessities, catering, video tapes on a weekly basis for FOUR very very long years.....

I dunno chubbychick...but your response stems from a lack of understanding and very silly assumptions made from someone who doesn't have the brains to just politely ask.

My number of 0433803449 if you would like to set the record straight. Looking forward to hearing from you.