Sunday, September 21, 2008

Rumble Update

As I awoke this morning under the computer, having trying to peel my eyes open from an all nighter of editing; familiar words sprang into mind.

"Four more days to go!"

Something I imagine Maria would say as she would gesticulate under the flames of RP passion. People , it's coming --- MC2 is launching!

Excitement is brimming from the RP crew, with so much media coverage ( 3D world Magazine, The Brag, MX , the Sydney Morning Herald.) happening. The hype is more than we can chew.
Honestly, I don't know what to think of it as I'm just numb with anticipation and disbelief of where it has come to. I'm just feeling really thankful and blessed that we're in this position.


Recently we executed "The Ninja's of dawn" Project. A mediocre success, Rumble crew decided to take advantage of the newly acquired ninja suits (compliments of the Downtown Rumble Production), and stir up some controversy for the upcoming MC2 launch. RP rocked up to Martin Place, to channel 7's Sunrise show, in hopes to be televised!
Nine Lives, our fellow Le Pakour group and our crew worked together to gather crowd attention, however we were unable to get the station to come up to us, receiving a consolation prized autograph photo of one of the presenters of the show.

Maria clears the train for the ninja's

9 Lives crew and RP crew combined. Excelsior!!

Ninja taking some time to share politics.

Ninja's finding some ambush positions

After wards we traveled around the City, and copped some discriminatory " get away from me" looks" ---with the occasional racial remark or two. But heh, it didn't bother me at all having preoccupied myself half the day thinking up as many ninja jokes as possible. My recurrent fav on the day-- "What? You don't like me! It's because I'm black isn't!?!". High-larity!

The day was long but extremely enjoyable. We didn't get what we wanted but we did get an experience. Shout out to 9 Lives and the RP crew for their patience and spirit.

The Sound of MC2

I'm basically finishing the film as we speak, with some major color correction editing and music/ sound coming to finalization. The other night, I had sound session with our Composer, Zeljko Lazic, in which I was floored by the music. Pumping BASS and lots of it.

I believe there're many aspects of MC2 that is completely unique for a Kung Fu film. But I tell you what--- I think the music in the film is going to be a spectacle on it's own.
Zeljko can pretty much do any musical style I tell him too. Orchaestra, rock, folk, pop, you name it. But if anything, the man excels in kickass "owning the place' cool music. Rendering the opening scene of The Champ ( Brian Lee ) to the ultimate level of badass.

To add to the sound dept, we got some really awesome local band talent such as Israel, Just A Day, Envy Parade, Redbak, and so much more. The music extends to hip hop to rock and darn it, it's all going to be all in a Kung Fu film. Oh yeah!

Also I'm not going to forget my key audio Sound Editors. Dave Leong and Robert Trieu ( who also doubles as Rob Da Fob in the film ) did an enormous job of ADR ( Dubbing ), foley and sound editing the whole darn thing. Reconstructing 90% of the sound and transforming it into a cinematic sound experience. Rob did a crazy job with the fight sounds this time. Ever watched our earlier Martial Film - Project Vengeance? Lets just say It's going to be far more explosive in MC2.

Don't forget to check out the site!

06/09/08 Downtown Rumble @ the ABC

The shoot for this scene was extremely difficult. Having arrived at the ABC, we started immediately into action.

The whole scene had Maria's character chasing after me because I had stolen the special Orbs ( innuendo not intended ). What would take place would be the first standoff with Maria and myself.
It was tiresome and sweaty going take after take in the complexes humidity . Maria seemed to get injured a lot, with aches and pains everywhere ( She fights like a man but complains like a---ahem ). Fighting in the office hallway, it went really interesting when we took the fight into the elevator, which apparently by the response of the guys, it went really hard hitting. Hope it did. I actually had spent quite a deal of time with Maria choreographing this scene, spending at least a month and half training her. Having been no amateur to action, with her 2 on 1 fight in MC2, my aim for this scene was to take the choreography to a more old school Kung Fu approach; much of which requires that your Kung Fu basics to be quite exceptional. I just had to take Maria to familiar ground since she's been out of Martial Art's for sometime.

A sneak peak at the test choreography of the fight sequences will be coming up soon. So watch out for that.

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